Giles Alright After Injury Scare caught up with Texas Tech commit Jonathan Giles to see where he stands on his commitment and how he's feeling after a few tweets were sent out because of a leg injury he sustained during Fort Bend Elkins recent loss to Fort Bend Ridge Point.

RP: I noticed you had a nice display last week, but I also understand you sustained some sort of injury. How are you feeling?

JG: I'm feeling alright, I'm just still a little sore.

RP: What exactly was the issue? I've seen everything from cramps to an ankle injury. Are you going to be able to play this week?

JG: I'm be able to play. It was just a bad cramp.

RP: Awesome! Glad to hear that! I'm guessing you're still committed to Tech? How often do they stay in contact with you?

JG: Yes sir! And a lot!

RP: Any teams out there trying to steal you from the Red Raiders?

JG: No sir not that I know of

RP: Who at Tech have you spoken with the most? What is the conversation usually like?

JG: Kevin Curtis, Mike Jinks......And it really about how they can't wait for me to get down there, and just what going on in my life.

RP: Nice! Do you plan on going to Lubbock anytime soon?

JG: I'm trying to go to one of their games but i'm not sure which one yet

RP: Okay. Good luck in our next game! Thanks for texting with me!

JG: Thank you so much and no problem

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