Texas Tech-TCU Series History

The Red Raiders and Horned Frogs will meet for the 57th time 2:30 p.m. Saturday in Fort Worth. The following is a look at some of the most memorable matchups and every past result.

TCU is Texas Tech’s oldest rivalry series. Starting in 1926 when Texas Tech football was in its second season, the Horned Frogs were able to take the first game of the series.

The Horned Frogs are the first team currently in the FBS Texas Tech ever played. Only one other school in Division 1 played Tech prior the first TCU-Texas Tech game. Abilene Christian moved up to the highest level of NCAA athletics in 2013. The Wildcats played what was then known as Texas Technological College in 1925, the first season of Texas Tech football.

For the most part, it’s been an exciting rivalry. One which has featured the higher ranked team going down five of 12 times. Since the break-up of the Southwest Conference, it’s only gotten crazier. The fireworks only exploded louder once TCU joined the Big 12 Conference.

Dating back to 1926 when Texas Tech football was in its second season, the Horned Frogs were able to take the first game of the series. TCU, who started playing football in 1896, controlled the series with five straight victories including two shutouts.

After a few years away from the series, and a more experienced program, the Red Raiders started competing well with the team in purple. Tech took three of four games during the 1940s.

Eventually, Texas Tech joined the Southwest Conference. The Southwest Conference was known to be a better conference than Tech’s old league, the Border Conference. After joining the Southwest Conference, TCU won five of the first six games of the series. The tide turned in the 1970s though. Tech won six consecutive games over the Horned Frogs.

Things got a tad more competitive in the 80s though. All three ties in the series took place during a five year span which saw each team garner a victory.

In 1985, Texas Tech unleashed the most lopsided victory of the series with a 63-7 defeat of the purple frogs. The demolition marked the start of complete Texas Tech dominance in the series. Tech would win six straight and nine of the final 11 Southwest Conference matchups. There have been many speculative rumors about what happened when the Southwest Conference broke up and four former members, including Texas Tech, joined the Big 12 Conference.

After another round of conference realignment in which the Big 12 lost four members, TCU received its invitation to join the conference 16 years after it was left out.

Since the break-up of the Southwest Conference, Texas Tech and TCU have played on four occasions. The first two times, Tech and TCU played as non-conference foes. The trash talking was well in function too. In 2004, TCU made the trek west and went up 21-0. Prior to the Horned Frogs allowing any points, Fox Sports sideline reporter Jim Knox said on camera “Marvin Godbolt (TCU) defensive back just turned to me and said ‘They are not going to score today’.” The Red Raiders responded with 56 unanswered points en route to a 70-35 victory. Tech’s quarterback that game, Sonny Cumbie, is now TCU’s co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. Cumbie, a former coordinator and coach at Texas Tech is not the first to switch sides.

Two years later, TCU pulled off a 12-3 defensive victory over Tech in Fort Worth. Both coaches had harsh words after the game. Then-Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach called himself the “worst offensive coach in America” and said his team was not very tough. TCU head coach Gary Patterson called out the media for predicting Tech victories and disrespecting his team simply because it was not in the Big 12. The coach of the team in purple said the 70-35 loss was used as motivation for bracelets that said “make it personal”.

Later on TCU would hire former Texas Tech wide receiver Trey Haverty to coach wide receivers and safeties. Texas Tech once hired away TCU safeties coach Chad Glasgow to become defensive coordinator under Tommy Tuberville in 2011. The Red Raiders finished 5-7 ending a 20-year streak of bowl eligibility. Glasgow left Texas Tech in odd fashion after testy e-mails with Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt. In the e-mails, it states Glasgow resigned with Glasgow not believing he did and threatening legal action.

After Tuberville bolted Texas Tech for Cincinnati, the Red Raiders hired former quarterback Kliff Kingsbury, who never played against TCU as a player. Kingsbury swiped Haverty from the Horned Frogs staff. Since then, Cumbie has left Texas Tech for TCU.

Since the coaching trade offs, TCU joined the Big 12 and the two teams have featured two wildly entertaining games.

In 2012, the No.18 Red Raiders traveled to Fort Worth and outdueled No.21 TCU 56-53 in triple overtime. It was a back-and-forth game throughout with Texas Tech winning on a touchdown pass from Seth Doege to Alex Torres in the back of the end zone.

2013 featured a bizarre game too. One in which a fox ran around the stadium. Texas Tech eventually pulled off the upset of a No. 24 TCU team which eventually finished the season 4-8. It was a Thursday night game in early September. The game featured some questionable calls in which prompted several questions about the officiating during Gary Patterson’s postgame press conference. His consistent answer to those questions was “I’m not happy.” In addition, Tech used two true freshman quarterbacks and sealed the game with a Bradley Marquez touchdown reception from Davis Webb. One of the most controversial calls during the game came during a punt return which was taken for a touchdown, before being brought back because punt returner Brandon Carter was said to have called for a fair catch.

Tech’s won 12 of the last 15 games in the series. The Red Raiders look to continue their recent dominance when they try to upset No. 10 TCU 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Amon G. Carter Stadium in Fort Worth.

Oct. 30, 1926 in Fort Worth: TCU 28 Texas Tech 16
Oct. 8, 1927 in Fort Worth: TCU 16 Texas Tech 6
Oct. 27, 1928 in Fort Worth: TCU 28 Texas Tech 6
Oct. 26, 1929 in Lubbock: TCU 22 Texas Tech 0
Oct. 25, 1930 in Fort Worth: TCU 26 Texas Tech 0
Sept. 26, 1936 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 7 TCU 0
Nov. 7, 1942 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 13 TCU 6
Nov. 6, 1943 in Fort Worth: Texas Tech 40 TCU 20
Nov. 11, 1944 in Fort Worth: TCU 14 Texas Tech 0
Nov. 10, 1945 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 12 TCU 0
Oct. 14, 1950 in Fort Worth: TCU 19 Texas Tech 6
Oct. 13, 1951 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 33 TCU 19
Sept. 24, 1955 in Lubbock: TCU 32 Texas Tech 0
Nov. 10, 1956 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 21 TCU 7
Oct. 11, 1958 in Fort Worth: TCU 26 Texas Tech 0
Oct. 10, 1959 in Lubbock: TCU 14 Texas Tech 8
Oct. 8, 1960 in Fort Worth: TCU 21 Texas Tech 7
Oct. 14, 1961 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 10 TCU 0
Oct. 13, 1962 in Fort Worth: TCU 35 Texas Tech 13
Oct. 12, 1963 in Lubbock: TCU 35 Texas Tech 3
Oct. 10, 1964 in Fort Worth: Texas Tech 25 TCU 10
Oct. 9, 1965 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 28 TCU 24
Oct. 8, 1966 in Fort Worth: TCU 6 Texas Tech 3
Nov. 11, 1967 in Fort Worth: TCU 16 Texas Tech 0
Nov. 9, 1968 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 31 TCU 14
Nov. 8, 1969 in Fort Worth: TCU 35 Texas Tech 26
Nov. 7, 1970 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 22 TCU 14
Nov. 6, 1971 in Fort Worth: TCU 17 Texas Tech 6
Nov. 11, 1972 in Lubbock: TCU 31 Texas Tech 7
Nov. 10, 1973 in Fort Worth: Texas Tech 24 TCU 10
Nov. 9, 1974 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 28 TCU 0
Nov. 8, 1975 in Fort Worth: Texas Tech 34 TCU 0
Nov. 6, 1976 in Fort Worth: Texas Tech 14 TCU 10
Nov. 5, 1977 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 49 TCU 17
Nov. 11, 1978 in Fort Worth: Texas Tech 27 TCU 17
Nov.10, 1979 in Lubbock: TIE 3-3
Nov. 8, 1980 in Fort Worth: TCU 24 Texas Tech 17
Nov. 7, 1981 in Lubbock: TIE 39-39
Nov. 6, 1982 in Fort Worth: Texas Tech 16 TCU 14
Nov. 5, 1983 in Lubbock: TIE 10-10
Nov. 10, 1984 in Fort Worth: TCU 27 Texas Tech 16
Nov. 9, 1985 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 63 TCU 7
Nov. 8, 1986 in Fort Worth: Texas Tech 36 TCU 14
Nov. 7, 1987 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 36 TCU 35
Nov. 5, 1988 in Fort Worth: Texas Tech 23 TCU 10
Nov. 11, 1989 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 37 TCU 7
Nov. 10, 1990 in Fort Worth: Texas Tech 40 TCU 28
Sept. 28, 1991 in Lubbock: TCU 30 Texas Tech 16
Nov. 14, 1992 in Fort Worth: Texas Tech 31 TCU 28
Nov. 6, 1993 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 49 TCU 21
Nov. 25, 1994 in Lubbock: TCU 24 Texas Tech 21
Nov. 11, 1995 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 27 TCU 6
Sept. 18, 2004 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 70 TCU 35
Sept. 16, 2006 in Fort Worth: TCU 12 Texas Tech 3
Oct. 20, 2012 in Fort Worth: Texas Tech 56 TCU 53 (3OT)
Sept. 12, 2013 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 20 TCU 10

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