Remember, Remember The First of November

Texas Tech is 3-0 all-time against Texas on Nov. 1. The Red Raiders host the Longhorns 6:30 p.m. Saturday (Nov. 1), exactly six years removed from Michael Crabtree's last-second touchdown catch from Graham Harrell which vaulted Tech to a 39-33 victory over No. 1 Texas.

Sometimes weird trends take place in a rivalry. The New York Yankees owned the Boston Red Sox in postseason games for 86 years in what was known as “The Curse of the Bambino”. It wasn’t just that Boston would lose, but it was almost as if the Red Sox were a bad guy who’d take the lead and the Yankees would become the hero that triumphed during the movie.

Texas A&M fans may have felt that way against Texas Tech during the Mike Leach years. The pirate owned them, even in College Station. Tech’s victories would come from a missed extra point or a last second touchdown.

Even so, Texas has owned Texas Tech in the series known as the “Battle For the Chancellor’s Spurs”. The Longhorns are up 48-15 in the all-time series. Much of this comes in thanks to winning the first 15 of 16 games, but there is one particular date that haunts the minds of Texas fans everywhere: Nov. 1.

Texas Tech has never lost to Texas on Nov. 1 and it is also the last time Tech beat a Longhorn team. The three matchups featuring the rivalry on this particular date have been decided by a combined 12 points. All of them have been played in Lubbock. Adding to the oddity of this history is the two times Tech made a bowl game in those three seasons, they played Ole Miss. As if this date didn’t have enough trends about it, Texas always had a miraculous comeback and Tech needed a major play to win each one of them.

Starting back in 1980, the Red Raiders went up 24-0 in the first half. Tech was laying the smackdown on the Longhorns, but Texas came back and very well nearly took the lead. Tate Randle secured the victory when he intercepted a pass in the end-zone and the Red Raiders upset the No.12 Longhorns. This game featured a quarterback controversy for Texas as Donnie Little was benched in favor of Rick McIvor during the game.

The second time the two in-state rivals went at it on Nov. 1, this time in 1986, a former Longhorn was the head coach for Texas Tech in David McWilliams. The Red Raiders went up early 23-7. Texas, again, came back. The Red Raiders had to stop the Longhorns on fourth down to win the game. McWilliams became the head coach at Texas the next season.

Then there is the game that is currently painted as the biggest victory in Texas Tech football history. The unanimous No.1 Texas Longhorns entered Jones AT&T Stadium undefeated. Texas Tech at the time, held a No.7 ranking in the Bowl Championship Series, a No.6 ranking in the Associated Press poll and a No.5 ranking in the ESPN/USA Today coaches poll. College Gameday arrived and Lee Corso fired two shotguns while wearing the mascot head of Raider Red. Tech started off with a safety when Colby Whitlock tackled Chris Ogbonnaya in the end zone. The Red Raiders went up 19-0 and held a lead late in the first half 22-3.

The Longhorns kicked a field goal heading into the locker room and used it to spark a comeback. With 1:29 remaining, Texas scored a touchdown and took a 33-32 lead.

Anyone who follows Mike Leach though, understands 30 seconds is too much time to give him. 1:29 is an eternity. The Red Raiders had enough time to drive down the field, throw a near game-ending interception, and then on the very next play provide the most famous play in program history. Graham Harrell threw a pass to Michael Crabtree, who at the 5-yard line, shook off a would-be tackler and sprinted into the end zone.

Nov. 1 on Make A Gif

The students took no hesitation in rushing the field. In fact, Tech was penalized for it. After the extra point, no time ran off the clock. Again, the students rushed the field with one second remaining and Tech was penalized again. The Red Raiders kicked off from their own 7 yard line.

Texas tried to do its best version of Cal’s “The Play”, but Franklin Mitchem bounced on a fumble and the students were finally able to rush the field and celebrate the historic 39-33 victory.

For the fourth time in history, Texas Tech will host Texas in Lubbock on Nov. 1. It will again be a night game and it is a safe assumption the television feed will show the infamous play which took place six years to the day. Texas Tech will hope history continues to repeat itself 6:30 p.m. Saturday at Jones AT&T Stadium.

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