Texas Tech Legacy Recaps Unofficial Visit

Coppell senior and Texas Tech legacy Chris Biggurs made an unofficial visit to Lubbock for the Texas game. This three-star 6-foot-1 and 252 pound defensive end currently holds offers from Texas State, Rice, Nevada and Iowa State and said he is still on the board for Tech.

RP: Overall, how was your visit? What did you do?

Biggurs: It was good. I took a tour, and then went to the stadium for the game.

RP: What did you think of the campus?

Biggurs: It was nice, the facility was really nice.

RP: Did you get a chance to sit and talk with the coaches?

Biggurs: Um, not really.

RP: Was there any talk of a possible offer?

Biggurs: No, but I know I’m still on their board.

RP: All right. You are a Tech legacy, how important is that for you? Was your dad with you on your visit?

Biggurs: It’s important cause I’m very comfortable in Lubbock since my dad went there and obviously he would love for me to go and play there. No, he didn’t come with me.

RP: Cool, what did you think of the game and atmosphere on Saturday?

Biggurs: It was fun, it was almost like 70,000 people there. So it was crazy.

RP: Overall, what do you want in a program?

Biggurs: Just a place I feel at home, with a good coaching staff.

RP: Did you see any of those qualities this weekend?

Biggurs: Yes, I definitely did.

RP: Do you have any other visits planned?

Biggurs: No, not yet.

RP: Do you have an idea of when you might make a decision?

Biggurs: Nah, I don’t know yet.

RP: All right, well that’s all I have. Thank you for your time.

Biggurs: You’re welcome.

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