Reid Impressed by Tech During Official Visit

Texas Tech has recruited Geismar (La.) Dutchtown safety Justin Reid for a long time now and finally hosted him for his official visit last weekend for the Texas game. recently caught up with Reid, who said the visit gave him plenty to think about.

Geismar (La.) Dutchtown senior safety Justin Reid made an official visit to Texas Tech last weekend and told he came away impressed with several aspects of the program, adding the trip only increased his interest level in the school.

Reid holds offers from Arizona State, Kansas State, Louisiana Tech, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Oklahoma, Stanford and Utah. He is also a standout in the classroom as he has been recruited heavily by Ivy League schools such as Brown, Harvard, Princeton and Yale.

The 6-foot-0, 195-pound three-star safety prospect made an official visit to Oklahoma in September when the Sooners hosted Tennessee and then attended the OU-Texas game in Dallas in October.

Reid reiterated his willingness to wait to commit until after taking all five of his official visits and said Tech would be his last one until Dutchtown's season ended.

The following is a Q&A from our phone conversation about his trip to Lubbock and an update on his overall recruitment:

RP: So how did the visit go overall? Break it down for me.

Reid: I got in at about 11 (a.m. Saturday). They (the coaches) took me on a tour of the campus to see the academic center and then after that I went to the little branch where the engineering department is because that is what I plan on majoring in. After that we took a little break and headed down to the athletic department and I went inside. They showed me a bunch of the gear and stuff which was actually really nice. I tried a jersey and took a few pictures, then went to the game. I found the tortilla thing funny. That was pretty funny. I had never seen anything like that before.

RP: Did you know about that about Tech before the game or was that a surprise?

Reid: Actually, somebody told me about that like 20 minutes before the game and I just said, 'no way, I don't believe you' . Then I heard an announcement that said don't throw anything on the field, but sure enough, on kickoff tortillas were flying.

RP: That's funny.

Reid: After that, I went and chilled with the guys, got to know some of the players, like Keenon (Ward, who hosted Reid). That was Saturday and then Sunday was breakfast with the coaches and again they showed me around campus a little bit more, showed me the apartment buildings and everything. I don't know it was just fun. In the middle of the day we went to this gaming center with bowling, laser tag and arcade. That was extremely fun.

RP: That was probably Main Event, right?

Reid: Yeah, besides the game, that was one of the main events.

RP: No, I mean I think that's what the place is called, Main Event. Haha. Did y'all actually compete against the coaches in laser tag and some of the games?

Reid: Yeah, it was players versus coaches.

RP: Wow. Who won?

Reid: The coaches won...

RP: Awww man. You let the old guys win?

Reid: Yeah...

RP: Was any coach talking smack? Who was talking the most smack? I'll go ahead and guess coach [Trey] Haverty.

Reid: Yep, yep. Haverty and coach [Kevin] Curtis. Pretty much all of them were there, except coach Kingsbury.

RP: That's cool. What did you think of the campus and the facilities?

Reid: The campus was real nice. The one thing about Texas Tech I find really unique and I really enjoy is it is a people place, I really feel like it's REALLY a people place. People are just so friendly. I feel like I can go up and talk to a random stranger and have an hour-long conversation about nothing, because people are so east to talk to.

RP: That is so true about Tech and Lubbock. And then as far as the game, obviously Tech lost, but what did you think and what did you see?

Reid: I mean they are spotty in some places, which the coaches even said to me, they have some holes they feel like they need to fill and that's why they are recruiting me, because they see me as a player who can make a huge impact in the secondary. But the game wasn't actually that bad. I mean, we could have been up on them at the half, we should have gone into half up 10-3, but a few errors here and there and then the game got away from us in the fourth quarter. I mean it wasn't all too bad. There was some good things, then some bad things. It's all about fixing the bad things and making more good plays.

RP: How important is early playing time to you?

Reid: Playing time is extremely important. I feel like playing early could make the difference. If I'm blessed enough to go to the NFL, then that could make an impact on that. If I can get the playing time, get the experience and show the world what I can do, so it's very important to me.

RP: What was it like hanging with Keenon Ward? Did you have a good time?

Reid: He got me in FIFA (video game) two out of the three times. I was a little upset with him for that, but I mean all the guys are all pretty chill, they are all really fun and easy to be around.

RP: Then you mentioned visiting the engineering department. What did you think about that?

Reid: I didn't get to go inside, it was basically just from outside of the building, but I did see the many branches that Tech offers.

RP: Anything outside of the tortillas and the friendliness of the people surprise you about Tech or Lubbock?

Reid: The live horse running on the field and their mascot, it's like the Sam, Sam whatever from the Cartoon Network.

RP: Yosimite Sam. Haha.

Reid: Yosimite Sam, yeah, Yosimite Sam!

RP: Haha. Well overall did this visit make you like Tech more or less; where does Tech stand for you after this visit?

Reid: I definitely like them more and I got real close with a lot of the coaches, I got to know a lot of the coaches and strengthened those relationships. It was definitely a successful visit. For me at least, I can't speak for them.

RP: Well, what else do you have on the horizon? Who else do you plan on visiting?

Reid: I think later on I am going to go visit with Mississippi State, but that's the only one I'm planning for right now. I have two more (officials) and I do plan on taking them. I just don't know where yet.

RP: OK, you said Mississippi State, do you know when yet?

Reid: No sir. It's going to be after my football season is over for sure. I'm not taking any more visits until after my season is over.

RP: Alright. Is there anything else you would like to add about the visit or your overall recruitment that I'm missing?

Reid: No sir.

RP: Alright. I really appreciate your time. Thank you.

Reid: No problem.

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