Daniel Talks Texas Tech Offer

Ringling (OK) offensive tackle Riley Daniel was offered a scholarship by the Red Raiders on Monday. The 6-foot-5, 290-pound lineman is currently committed to Houston, but said he was impressed by Red Raider offensive line coach Lee Hays, who made the offer in person. More info inside.

The following was a Q&A conducted on Twitter through direct messages:

RP: First off, how did the Tech offer go down? Which coach offered you?

Daniel: Coach Hays came and visited with me at Ringling and liked my highlight video and saw how big I was in person so he offered me.

RP: How long has Tech been recruiting you?

Daniel: Just maybe the last 2 weeks. They found me real late.

RP: Does that bother you that you are just now hearing from them or not? Why either way?

Daniel: Well I'm not sure why I'm being found so late I think it's cause I'm from such a small town. No as long as they have found me in time I'm good.

RP: What's your impression of Hayes?

Daniel: Real down to earth guy. Likes hard work and expects greatness from his kids. Seemed like a great coach.

RP: What do you know of Texas Tech?

Daniel: Not much. I need to go visit and learn about it.

RP: Do you have a visit planned? If so, when?

Daniel: Not yet. But I'm going to schedule one soon.

RP: Did Hayes talk about how he sees you fitting in? For example does he see you sliding inside to guard or staying at tackle?

Daniel: I think I'm more the tackle type as long and tall as I am. But I don't know, it depends on what he needs.

RP: Where do things stand with Houston? Are you still solid with them or are you looking around?

Daniel: I'm still with Houston but I'm open minded.

RP: What do you like about Houston, what made you commit?

Daniel: Just the coaching staff was great. The facilities had been upgraded and the winning tradition they have had.

RP: Are you hearing from any other schools?

Daniel: Baylor and a little bit from K-State.

RP: What are you looking for in a school and program?

Daniel: Just good coaches. A good winning future and good education.

RP: Great stuff. Is there anything I'm missing, anything you'd like to add?

Daniel: Not that I can think of.

RP: Alright. Congrats on the offer and thanks for your time.

Daniel: You bet. Thank you.

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