Daniels Talks State Title, Recruitment Update

RaiderPower.com caught up with four-star defensive tackle Darrion Daniels for a reaction to the Falcons claiming the TAPPS Division I state championship, for an update on his recruitment and to find out how much John Scott's resignation has affected his standing with Texas Tech.

RP: First off, last time we talked you said little bro (Damion, a 6-5, 295-pound sophomore who suffered a leg injury earlier in the season) was rehabbing and was expected to be back by the playoffs. Did he make it back and did y'all get to make the playoff run together?

Daniels: Yes, he played a little in the Midland game and got his first tackle of the game and got his first pancake of the year that game. This past game he got into with another player, lol, but it's just about that time.

RP: I'm glad y'all were able to play together again. Speaking of this last game, what was it like to win the title? How did you celebrate?

Daniels: I went to my best friend Sarah house with my friend Rodrick Glory and Tre and we ate chicken and went to sleep.

RP: Haha. Sounds like you were expecting to win. Prestonwood has a nice recent tradition of success, but it looks like y'all shut em down, 41-10. And I saw they didn't get in the end zone until the fourth quarter. Break it down for me, how were y'all able to shut them down?

Daniels: See we knew how to beat them the first time but it took us the second half to figure it out, so this time we did the same thing.

RP: What was the adjustment?

Daniels: Us being REALLY FREAKING PHYSICAL and them being finesse and fast we hit them hard every time we hit them and practiced the fast tempo.

RP: Where are you at in your recruitment? You told me before you planned on deciding mid-December. Is that still the plan?

Daniels: It is but I'm still trying to take my last two officials.

RP: OK. I saw you have one coming up this weekend at Missouri. Is that right? Do you know where you want to take the other one?

Daniels: No sir.

RP: Alright. Do you know where you want to take your last two visits? If so, where?

Daniels: Its out of Baylor, Mizzou and Iowa.

RP: The first time I interviewed you, you said your dad (former Texas Tech standout defensive end Tony Daniels) told you to be patient, that schools would show their true colors. Has that happened?

Daniels: Yes it has.

RP: Where do you stand with Tech? Are you still considering the Red Raiders?

Daniels: Yea, but I heard about coach [John] Scott (resigning).

RP: That was my next question. How much does his resignation affect your decision about Tech?

Daniels: I'll have to rethink a lot.

RP: Really. I know you speak with Haverty a lot. Has he or anyone else at Tech talked to you about the change yet?

Daniels: Yea, he told me about it, and said when they get a replacement they'll send him down to meet me.

RP: I was told the coaches were going to make an in-home visit with you this past week. Did they? And if so, who was there and how did it go?

Daniels: Yea coach Haverty and Scott came through I think Wednesday.

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