Daniel Recaps 'Awesome' Texas Tech Visit

Ringling (OK) offensive lineman Riley Daniel took an official visit to Texas Tech this weekend and apparently had a good time. Daniel gave RaiderPower.com his reaction to the visit and what's next on his agenda.

The following conversation took place on Twitter through direct messaging:
RP: Hi Riley, this is RP reporter Cameron Brock. How'd your visit go?

Daniel: It went great I had a awesome time.

RP: Awesome! What are some things about the trip that stood out to you?

Daniel: The campus. The players were a lot like me. Just really a great staff that's easy to talk to.

RP: What about the campus appealed to you?

Daniel: The great size with lots of activities and things to do.

RP: Speaking of activities, did you, the coaches and the other recruits do anything special?

Daniel: Yea, just spent lots of time together and met tons of people.

RP: Who were your hosts?

Daniel: Jared Kaster

RP: How was it being around him?

Daniel: Great. Really good guy. Likes to hunt and fish like me and is from a small school.

RP: Nice! What did the coaches tell you during your visit?

Daniel: They like me and want me to come to Tech.

RP: Overall, how does this visit affect your recruitment? Did it help or hurt Tech?

Daniel: Helped a bunch. Its gonna be a hard decision between tech and Baylor

RP: Do you have a date you would like to make a decision by?

Daniel: After the Baylor visit.

RP: When are you making that visit?

Daniel: This coming weekend

RP: Riley, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I know it was a lot. Hope you have a safe trip home!

Daniel: No problem. Thank you.

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