Q&A with Gilmer QB McLane Carter

RaiderPower.com recently caught up with Gilmer quarterback McLane Carter, who led his team to the Texas Class 4A Division II State Championship, for an update on the recent action taking place in his recruitment. Carter, who is 6-foot-3, 190 pounds, does not have an offer. However, some newly hired coaches at historically prestigious schools seem to be planning trips to see the 2015 prospect.

RP: Have you heard from any schools this week?

Carter: No sir not yet. Michigan might come to my school.

RP: Who was the last school that contacted you?

Carter: Florida

RP: When did Florida contact you, and what did they say?

Carter: That they might be coming to see me next week. Told me that a couple of days ago

RP: Is Texas Tech still in the picture at all?

Carter: Yes

RP: Last time we talked, Haverty sent you a "congrats". Any contact since then?

Carter: No, but my head coach said they are coming to see me at my school.

RP: Nice. Do you know what day Tech is visiting?

Carter: Tech is coming Wednesday.

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