McHugh Opts to Stay Home at Texas Tech

Lubbock Cooper standout tight end Evan McHugh accepted a preferred walk-on spot from Texas Tech. caught up with McHugh, who visited the campus and checked out the football facilities last weekend.

Lubbock Cooper tight end Evan McHugh, who accepted a preferred walk-on spot from Texas Tech, toured the campus and met with coaches last weekend.

McHugh caught 57 passes for 869 yards and eight touchdowns last season according to

The following Q&A with McHugh took place over Twitter via direct messages:

RP: First off, when did you first hear from Texas Tech?

McHugh: Offseason of my junior year. But we had no contact after that for a while. Until a couple of months ago when Coach Chev contacted me.

RP: How often do you hear from coach [Darrin] Chiaverini and Tech?

McHugh: About once ever 1-2 weeks. Nothing crazy.

RP: How long has the visit been set up?

McHugh: Sometime in the middle of December.

RP: Well it obviously went well. Can you break down for me what you did, describe it?

McHugh: Well, first they drove us around the campus and gave us a breakdown of the academics. Then showed us the football facilities and all that good stuff.

RP: Do you know what you plan to study yet?

McHugh: I'm planning on physical therapy.

RP: Nice. Have the coaches talked about how they see you fitting in to the offense. Have they said if you'll be playing inside or outside receiver?

McHugh: Yes. They showed me a little bit of film. They said they see me playing the slot and putting my hand on the ground or blocking out of the backfield.

RP: OK, more of a H-back position.

McHugh: Primarily the slot.

RP: Did the opportunity to stay close to home play any part in your decision or not?

McHugh: Yes staying here was a big deal for me. I love Lubbock, it's my home. And the opportunity to play for Tech is just so exciting for me. I just want to get into the program and prove that I belong being a walk-on and all.

RP: I know what you are listed at, but what is your current height and weight?

McHugh: Weighed in at 222 just yesterday (Saturday) and 6'3.

RP: Alright, is there anything else you'd like to add, anything I'm missing?

McHugh: Well, I've grown up a Red Raider fan! and am excited for the opportunity. Also I have this photo if you wanted to use it!
McHugh Ops to Stay Home in Lubbock

McHugh: I'm the one on the left (next to Kliff kingsbury when he was QB at Tech).

RP: That's great! Did any of your family attend Tech?

McHugh: No. Both my parents played basketball at South Plains and then Eastern New Mexico.

RP: OK thanks for your time. I really appreciate it and once again congrats!

McHugh: Thank you, sir!

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