Raider Power Rapid Fire: Spring Ball

The staff answers five questions surrounding the Red Raider program heading into Spring.

1. Which player needs to have the biggest Spring in your opinion?
Alyssa: Patrick Mahomes, to calm people down on the QB discussion.
Cameron: Tie: Davis Webb/Nic Shimonek
Jarret: Reginald Davis
Joe: Rika Levi. Tech expected great things from him last year; Tech desperately needs great things from him this year.
2. Which player are you most interested to see/hear about this Spring?
Alyssa: Breiden Fehoko
Cameron: Mike Mitchell
Jarret: Fehoko
Joe: Mike Mitchell. He may be the most heavily recruited player on the roster, and he will be playing a need position. But where, exactly, and how well?
3. What will be the biggest position battle?
Alyssa: Defensive line
Cameron: Quarterback
Jarret: Secondary... every spot.
Joe: MLB, we don't even know for certain who the candidates are, although Mitchell seems a good possibility.
4. Who do you expect to emerge this Spring who may not have seen the field much last season?
Alyssa: Mike Mitchell
Cameron: Outside of a few redshirts: Quinton White
Jarret: Dakota Allen
Joe: Derrick Dixon
5. There will be no spring game at the Jones this year due to construction. Do you think this will hurt recruiting or not?
Alyssa: No
Cameron: No.
Jarret: Kingsbury and Co. locked up Mahomes, Sadler, Batson, Fehoko and Mitchell in the past two spring games... We'll see how it goes this Spring.
Joe: It'll hurt fans and people like me who love tradition far more than it will hurt recruiting.

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