Dunn Set for Busy Spring

RaiderPower.com interviewed Cypress Springs receiver Donell Dunn for the scoop on his heavy spring travel itinerary, Texas Tech and more.

Cypress Springs receiver Donell Dunn currently holds offers from Cincinnati, Illinois and Texas Tech. The Red Raiders were the first to offer him back in December.

Dunn is also being heavily recruited by virtually every major program in the region including Baylor, LSU, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas and Texas A&M.

RaiderPower.com caught up with the rising senior, who hauled in 50 passes for 1,234 yards and 11 touchdowns in 2014, for the following interview via Twitter:

RP: I saw you're visiting LSU this weekend. What are you looking forward to this weekend and what do you think of LSU?

Dunn: I'm looking forward to actually going to the stadium. I attended a camp and that's the one thing I wish we would have done.

RP: Where do you currently stand with LSU?

Dunn: I'm trying to find that out this weekend. I'm trying to see if LSU is a good fit for me.

RP: Fair enough. I saw you are also planning on visiting Tech on the following weekend. Is that true?

Dunn: Yes, I am heading to Texas Tech on the 28th.

RP: Which Tech coach do you speak the most with and when did Tech start recruiting you?

Dunn: I have talked to coach Jinks the most but I've always been in contact with coach Curtis and coach Chev.

RP: What do you think of the staff so far? What's your relationship like?

Dunn: They are great people. Our relationship is pretty close they don't make everything just about football they actually try to get to know you.

RP: What are you looking forward to most about the Tech visit? Have you been there before?

Dunn: I'm looking forward to meeting my position coach in person. I have not been to Texas Tech either.

RP: What are your impressions of Tech so far?

Dunn: I love there impressions, it seems like a good program.

RP: Has Tech talked about whether they see you as an inside or outside receiver in their system?

Dunn: They have talked about being able to put me at both which is a huge plus. (After a delay in answering) And sorry I was helping with the Special Olympics.

RP: Wow. No problem. How are you helping out? Where are you at? Break it down for me. Also if you need to go, we can finish this later.

Dunn: Well we were just at Cy-Fair because that's where it is held and we do all kinds of things. We have to encourage them, help time them in an event and not only is it fun for them but it's fun for me as well. There is always something to do. There are some awesome kids out there.

RP: Have you helped out at events in the past or was this your first one?

Dunn: I did help in the past when I was about ten or so. My mom's job was one of the sponsors. Even back then it was cool.

RP: That is cool. It's hard to ask recruiting questions after that, but... do you plan on visiting anywhere else this spring?

Dunn: I plan on visiting UT, TCU, TAMU and Baylor. I've been to Baylor's junior day and I hopefully will get invited to another one. Even if there's like a Friday Night Lights.

RP: Wow, you're busy. Who would you say is recruiting you the hardest right now?

Dunn: Right know I believe Baylor is recruiting me the hardest but schools like Iowa State, Oklahoma State and SMU are recruiting me as well.

RP: Who are you travelling with for the Tech visit, who's going with you?

Dunn: My mom and my mom's friend. My dad is gonna be at work. He works on an oil rig.

RP: Last question: what are looking for overall in a program and school?

Dunn: A place where I can be there and actually call the people there my family. I want to go somewhere that doesn't see me as just a player or an item. I want to go somewhere I feel at home.

RP: That's great stuff. I really appreciate your time. Congrats on all your success.

Dunn: Thank you for your time as well.

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