Okafor Talks Texas Tech Visit plans

RaiderPower.com caught up with Lewisville offensive lineman Denzel Okafor for the latest on his recruitment, including a recap of his visit to TCU and his plans to visit Texas Tech.

Lewisville offensive lineman Denzel Okafor holds offers from a handful of schools, including Texas Tech and in-state rival TCU. RaiderPower.com caught up with the 6-foot-4, 290-pound offensive lineman for the latest on his recruitment.

The following interview was conducted over Twitter via direct messages:

RP: First off, are you planning on visiting Tech this weekend?

Okafor: It's not confirmed, but I do plan on going this weekend.

RP: Ah OK. If you do go, who will you travel with?

Okafor: Maybe a friend of mine and his mother.

RP: Alright. Where do you currently stand with Tech?

Okafor: I love the academics of Tech for sure, but I am in neutral state. I feel positive that may change because of the strong recruits.

RP: Which Tech coach or coaches do you talk with the most?

Okafor: Coach Chiaverini.

RP: How often do you hear from him?

Okafor: Quiet often, we keep in touch every week.

RP: If you end up visiting this weekend, what do you want to get out of the trip? What are you looking forward to?

Okafor: Coaches that can make me better as a player, but also as a person.

RP: What other schools are you interested in and who is recruiting you the hardest?

Okafor: TCU has really shined out there for me next to Texas Tech. TCU Is has really shown the most interest out of the 5 schools that have offered.

RP: You visited TCU. How'd it go? Anything stand out about TCU?

Okafor: It was great. The thing that really stood out was the weight room and the nutrition center. I like how they want you to always have energy.

RP: What are you looking for overall from a program/school?

Okafor: Just a winning program and a great coaching staff. A coaching staff is really important to me.

RP: Great stuff. Thanks for your time.

Okafor: No problem.

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