Murphy Up to Seven Offers and Counting

The Crosby Cougars earned their way to the Texas Class 5A Division II state semifinals in 2014. A big reason why is offensive lineman Keenan Murphy, who was recently offered by Texas Tech. caught up with Crosby recruiting coordinator DJ Mann Jr. to ask some questions about Murphy.

The following conversation took place through direct messages on Twitter:

RP: Hi Coach Mann! How are you doing today?

DM: Doing well thanks.. how are you..

RP: Doing well! Thanks for asking! Would you mind speaking about Keenan Murphy and his recent Texas Tech offer with me?

DM: Sure.

RP: How is the recruiting process going for Keenan?

DM: Pretty good... 7 offers so far. Most recently UH. Was just invited A&M Friday night lights

RP: I understand Crosby had major success last season. What kind of impact did Keenan have in producing that success?

DM: Very big part of it.. he has started 27 games in his career protecting our qbs blind side. He graded out the highest of all the lineman.

RP: What's he like in the weight room and at practice? How does his work ethic impact his success on the field?

DM: He is the last kid (remaining) in the weight room everyday after school. Very strong, 325 bench press. In 8th grade he road his bike a long way to summer workouts. Besides natural talent his work ethic separates him from other kids.

RP: How about off the field? What's he like when he's not on the gridiron or in the weight room?

DM: Quiet kid wont hear him say a lot... not an attention seeking kid

RP: has him at 6'3", 285 pounds. Is this correct?

DM: 6'2, 295

RP: Coach Mann, thank you for your time!

DM: Thanks.

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