Red Raider Recruiting Rumblings

A comprehensive look at Texas Tech football recruiting over the past week. Included are interviews with several Red Raider targets such as New Orleans St. Augustine linebacker Giovanni LaFrance, who was offered by Tech last week and Euless Trinity four-star defensive tackle Chris Daniels (pictured above).

The following is a compilation of recruiting stories from the past week, including several hot off the press, all in one place. Rather than put in a story format and link it, I will just post most of the content here in the Insider.

Texas Tech Offers Euless Trinity 4-star DT

By Jarret Johnson

Euless Trinity defensive tackle Christopher Daniels announced an offer from Texas Tech on Saturday via Twitter. caught up with the 6-foot-4, 285-pound linemen later that night for his reaction.

"I talked to coach [Emmett] Jones on the phone and he said the DC [David Gibbs] said I'm offered a full ride," Daniels said. "I was very excited."

Daniels said Tech has been recruiting him for just a couple weeks, but he's been impressed by Jones so far.

"I think he is a swell guy and he reminds me of family when I was taking to him," Daniels said. 

Daniels is rated as a four-star prospect by Scout and ranked as the No. 4 defensive tackle in Texas, the No. 12 ranked at his position in the nation and the No. 87 overall ranked player in the country according to Scout.

He currently holds offers from Baylor, Colorado State, Kansas, Miami, Michigan, Ole Miss, North Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, SMU, TCU, Tech, USC, Utah State, Washington and Western Michigan.

Daniels tweeted out the pic/edit just below with the question "Can y'all see me wearing this?" on Sunday:

4-Star OL Talks Texas Tech Offer, Visit Plans

By Cameron Brock

Crosby offensive lineman Keenan Murphy confirmed with he will attend Texas Tech’s Junior Day March 7.

The 6-foot-2, 295-pound offensive lineman said he speaks with Texas Tech on a weekly basis and Lee Hays speaks with him the most.

Murphy, a four-star prospect and the No.1 offensive guard in the Midlands region, recently received an offer from Tech and gave the details of how he received the news.

“I called up coach Hays and he had told me that I had been offered by Texas Tech University. I was happy. It was my first offer from any Texas schools.”

The No.13 offensive guard in the nation currently holds seven offers including Colorado, Missouri and Houston.

Crosby, who advanced to the Texas Class 5A Division II state semifinals in 2014, runs a similar offense to Tech according to Murphy.

“I know they (Texas Tech) run an up-tempo offense,” Murphy said. “It’s similar to about what we run here at Crosby.”

Louisiana LB Names Tech One of His Leaders

Texas Tech offerd New Orleans St. Augustine MLB Giovanni LaFrance last week. caught up with the 6-foot-1, 220-pound standout for his reaction to the offer, his visit plans and the lowdown on his overall recruitment.

RP: First off, congrats on the offer. How'd it go down 

LaFrance: Coach Kevin Curtis was talking to me for a while and he said he liked my film a lot.

RP: What was your reaction when he offered?

LaFrance: I was really excited because I was expecting this.

RP: How long has Tech been recruiting you?

LaFrance: For three months.

RP: What do you think of coach Curtis? How often do you communicate with him?

LaFrance: I talk to him everyday and he's a really cool guy.

RP: Where does Curtis and Tech sse you playing in their system, middle or outside and do you have a preference?

LaFrance: I prefer middle LB.

RP: Where do you stand with Tech? What do you think about the program and school?

LaFrance: Tech is definitely one of my top schools. Tech has a great tradition and that's what I like. I love their facilities as well.

RP: Have you visited Tech yet?

LaFrance: Not yet, but I will soon.

RP: Do you have a date set up yet?

LaFrance: This summer,  the date is still in the works.

RP: OK. You mentioned top schools. Who do you currently hold offers from?

LaFrance: Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Tulane and Troy.

RP: Nice. Who else are you hearing from who hasn't offered yet?

LaFrance: Florida State, Alabama, Louisiana Tech, Texas, University Louisiana- Lafayette, Cal and Western Kentucky.

RP: Those schools are spread out all over the country. Would you mind moving far away for school or do you want to stay in-state?

LaFrance: It doesn't matter.

RP: You mentioned Tech, but who else is standing out to you so far?

LaFrance: Oklahoma State.

RP: What do you like about the Cowboys?

LaFrance: They were the first team to offer and I like the coaching staff.

RP: You said you prefer middle LB. How would you describe yourself as a player, as a MLB?

LaFrance: I'm a smart player,read plays quickly, and I love contact

RP: Last question: What are you looking for overall in a program and school? What's most important to you?

LaFrance: I'm looking for a program that has great academics and a program that can build me into a better player and better person in life.

RP: That's great stuff. Thank you for your time and congrats on all your success. Please let me know when you nail down a visit date.

LaFrance: Gotcha

Miller to Attend Texas Tech Junior Day

By Cameron Brock

Tyler John Tyler advanced all the way to the 2014 Texas Class 5A Division 1 state semifinals, so naturally the Lions have some players who will continue their careers in college. 

College programs are always doing everything they can to get ahead of the game in recruiting, and Texas Tech may have helped their cause with a player in the class of 2017. 

The Red Raiders were the first to offer Tyler John Tyler wide receiver Damion Miller back in December and remains his lone offer.

Although the Red Raiders are Miller’s first, he was not the first to know and it surprised him while taking a peek at social media. 

“I first saw it on Twitter, my coach told me,” Miller said. “My eyes got super big and I was just smiling showing my friends.” 

Miller, who currently stands at 6-foot-1, 185 pounds, reeled in 26 receptions for 614 yards and eight touchdowns in 2014. 

Miller still has two years in high school left to play, but his friends seem to be encouraging the young star for his future. 

“My friends were happy for me. They were telling me to keep balling on the field.” 

Miller hasn't visited the campus before but plans on attending Texas Tech’s junior day Saturday.

Coveted Virginia DT Talks Texas Tech Offer

By Jarret Johnson

Texas Tech became the latest to offer Virginia Beach (Va.) Ocean Lakes 2017 defensive tackle Eric Crosby, who also holds offers from Florida State, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Ohio State, Old Dominion, Tennessee, Virginia and Virginia Tech.

The following interview was conducted over Twitter via direct messages: 

RP: First off, congrats on the offer. How'd it go down? 

Crosby: Well my coach texted me and told me to call them. He gave me the number and I called. We talked and coach said he would love for me to be apart of their defense and would love to see me down there. 

RP: Which coach at Tech offered you? 

Crosby: Coach Kevin Curtis. 

RP: How long has Tech been recruiting you? Had you talked with Curtis or anybody else at Tech before today? 

Crosby: To be honest I have no idea. I have never talked to anyone from there besides today. 

RP: Lol. That's why I was asking. This is the first I have heard of them recruiting you. What do you know/think about Tech? 

Crosby: I know nothing about them. I mean the coach seemed real cool and I looked up pics of them and it seem likes a pretty cool place. 

RP: I checked out your Hudl film after I saw on Twitter you were offered and 2 things stood out: 1, the title "The Bully" Love it, how'd that come about? 

Crosby: It was a play coach made for me in the state semifinal game and I rushed for 120 yards and 4 touchdown with only 6 carries, haha, so the name just stuck. 

RP: 2. Your film at RB carrying the rock was entertaining. Do you plan on playing both at the next level or just DL? 

Crosby: I think just DL unless I get some touches for like short yardage. 

RP: You already have a pretty impressive offer list. I know it's early but is anybody standing out for you so far? 

Crosby: So far I would be NC State but nothing is set in stone 

RP: What do you like about the Wolfpack? 

Crosby: I can relate to the coaches well, when I go there it always has a great atmosphere. 

RP: Do you have any visits set up right now? If so, when and where? 

Crosby: Right now me and my coach are trying to set up visits to Tennessee and Ohio state during my spring break. 

RP: What are you looking for overall in a program and school? 

Crosby: Good coaches that I can relate to, good academics, good weight training program, a great atmosphere during game day and when it's not game day. 

RP: Great stuff. Is there anything I'm missing about the Texas Tech offer or your overall recruitment? Anything else you'd like to add? 

Crosby: No you got everything, besides I have NOT made a decision yet and I am wide open to any and every school that respects and loves my talent. 

RP: I'll make sure that is clear in the article. Thanks for your time and congrats on all of your success. 

Crosby: Yes sir, thank you.

Jefferson Surprised by Texas Tech Offer

By Jarret Johnson

Texas Tech, specifically cornerbacks coach Kevin Curtis, is a regular in the halls of New Orleans (La.) Easton High School, so he isn't a stranger to Pernell Jefferson.

In fact, he and Curtis had spoken a couple times in the past when the coach was there to recruit some of Jefferson's teammates. On Thursday, Curtis called to speak with Jefferson specifically to extend the offer and it took the defensive end/linebacker prospect by surprise. 

"Well, he usually comes around the school to recruit others and we'll make small talk but he never came to talk to me," Jefferson said. "That's why it was so unexpected. I was there (in the past) to see how he does business and what type of person he is." 

Those "small talks" Jefferson and Curtis had in the past and prior dealings with Jefferson's high school teammates such as Tyron Johnson, Arthur McGinnis and Clyde Leflore are paying off for Tech. 

"He's [Curtis] a nice guy who takes pride in how he handles his recruits," Jefferson said. "He tells people what they should work on, how he views them and what he'll do to make sure they're successful." 

Jefferson added he is "going to do some homework on them but from what I'm hearing from my teammates they're a nice program." 

The 6-foot-2, 235-pound defensive end/outside linebacker isn't sure exactly where Tech sees him playing in their system, but said he plans on talking with Curtis more about it on his next visit to Easton. 

In addition to the one from Tech, Jefferson holds offers from Oklahoma, Mississippi State and Missouri. 

Though Curtis and Texas Tech failed to land a recruit from Louisiana in the 2015 class, Jefferson (though he wasn't named specifically) is exactly the type of prospect where the prior efforts could pay off for the Red Raiders in the future. 

"I think we're going (to continue) to recruit all over," said Curtis earlier this month. "You put effort into a lot of guys and at the end of the day you sign anywhere from 20-25 guys and the guys that you end up getting are the right type of guys for you and the program. 

"We were in it with a lot of guys (in the 2015 class) and a lot of guys came to campus that maybe don't normally come to campus. This business is still a relationship business. We are going to continue to talk to guys and get as many great, quality guys into this program."

Murphy Up to Seven Offers and Counting

By Cameron Brock

The Crosby Cougars earned their way to the Texas Class 5A Division II state semifinals in 2014. A big reason why is offensive lineman Keenan Murphy, who was recently offered by Texas Tech. caught up with Crosby recruiting coordinator DJ Mann Jr. to ask some questions about Murphy.

The following conversation took place through direct messages on Twitter: 

RP: Would you mind speaking about Keenan Murphy and his recent Texas Tech offer with me? 

DM: Sure. 

RP: How is the recruiting process going for Keenan? 

DM: Pretty good... 7 offers so far. Most recently UH. Was just invited A&M Friday night lights 

RP: I understand Crosby had major success last season. What kind of impact did Keenan have in producing that success? 

DM: Very big part of it.. he has started 27 games in his career protecting our qbs blind side. He graded out the highest of all the lineman. 

RP: What's he like in the weight room and at practice? How does his work ethic impact his success on the field? 

DM: He is the last kid (remaining) in the weight room everyday after school. Very strong, 325 bench press. In 8th grade he road his bike a long way to summer workouts. Besides natural talent his work ethic separates him from other kids. 

RP: How about off the field? What's he like when he's not on the gridiron or in the weight room? 

DM: Quiet kid wont hear him say a lot... not an attention seeking kid 

RP: has him at 6'3", 285 pounds. Is this correct? 

DM: 6'2, 295 

RP: Coach Mann, thank you for your time! 

DM: Thanks.

Waco Midway CB Will Attend Junior Day

By Annabel Stephan

Waco (Texas) Midway puts out plenty of talent each year, including athletes like Oklahoma safety signee Kahlil Haughton, Baylor receiver and linebacker signees Devontre Stricklin and Lenoy Jones Jr., and SMU quarterback signee Ben Hicks, who all made it official after the 2014 season.

This year, there's another athlete in the secondary on whom to keep an eye: cornerback Cairo Attaway.

"I think I've gotten better at tackling and my speed is a little better. I got a little bigger, too, added some weight to my size. I’m already working really hard for next year. I’m hopeful I can have an even better senior season.

"I think I can bring my strength to a college secondary. I’ve been told that I’m built to play cornerback."

"In the off-season, I'm just trying to be a leader on and off the field and I want to keep getting bigger, stronger, and faster,” he said.

The 5-foot-10, 170-pound athlete, who also competes in both track (100-meter) and powerlifting, says that he believes he has what it takes to play in a college level secondary.

“I think I can bring my strength to a college secondary. I’ve been told that I’m built to play cornerback. I also bring intensity and my tackling, stuff like that," he said.

A few college programs already have Attaway on their radar, as he's picked up a number of Junior Day invites.

"LSU invited me to their Junior Day, but I had a track meet on the same day and I wasn't able to make it. I was invited to Junior Days at Texas Tech, Texas State, North Texas, and UTSA. I'll be attending UTSA Junior Day this weekend and I'll be at Texas Tech on March 7th," he said.

In addition to these programs, Attaway says he also has his eye on SMU, Missouri, Arkansas, and Houston.

"I’m looking for a positive relationship with the coaches and my teammates. I'm also looking at campus life, stuff like that,” he said.

Right now, the defensive back says that he is taking his time and really enjoying the recruiting process.

“I’ve been watching college football since I was like seven and one of my main goals has always been to make it to the college level. I’m enjoying everything about the recruiting process, whether I get a letter or an email or an invite to a Junior Day. I really appreciate all of it, and I’m going to try to get as many as I can,” he said.

Attaway will compete at the Nike's The Opening Regional in Dallas next month.

Lil'Jordan Talks Texas Tech, Overall Recruitment

By Annabel Stephan

At 6-foot-5, 200-pounds, Southlake (Tex.) Carroll running back Lil'Jordan Humphrey is pretty sure he will switch positions at the college level. However, the versatile athlete had a dynamic junior season, rushing for just under 2000 yards and 29 touchdowns, with an additional three receiving touchdowns through 14 games.

The first offer for Humphrey arrived from Ole Miss early in the season, and over the past few months, programs including Texas, Iowa, Duke, Colorado, Oregon State, Washington, and Texas Tech have followed suit.

“It’s been exciting and a blessing, but I’m trying to keep my head straight and focus on getting better," he said.

Though he's a power back in every sense of the phrase at the high school level, Humphrey said that he's spoken with college coaches about making a change of position.

“Right now, only one school has talked with me about keeping me at running back. A lot of schools see me at receiver or have talked about moving me to the defense, like linebacker or maybe safety,” he said.

Recent Offers

RB  Abdul Adams (5-11, 175), Washington D.C. Wilson:  HIGHLIGHTS

WR UNRANKED Jordan Brown (6-3, 205), Stillwater (OK):  HIGHLIGHTS 

WR  Adewale Omotosho (6-4, 180), Plano East:  HIGHLIGHTS

DT  Chris Daniels (6-4, 285), Euless Trinity:  HIGHLIGHTS

OLB UNRATED Pernell Jefferson (6-2, 235) NO (LA) Warren Easton:  HIGHLIGHTS

OLB UNRATED Alton Robinson (6-3, 220), Converse Judson:  HIGHLIGHTS

MLB UNRATED Giovanni LaFrance (6-1, 220), NO (LA) St. Augustine:  HIGHLIGHTS

Updated 2016 Recruiting Board

The following is a list of all 84 confirmed 2016 recruits Texas Tech has offered. I have added links to every prospect's profile, which you can visit by clicking their names. There are also links to their highlights. 

OFFENSE (46 offers)

 Tristen Wallace (6-2, 225), DeSoto: Committed to Texas Tech  HIGHLIGHTS
 Shane Buechele (6-1, 185), Arlington Lamar:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Shea Patterson (6-2, 190), Shreveport (LA) Calvary Baptist: Committed to Mississippi HIGHLIGHTS

 Da'Leon Ward (5-10, 180), Dallas Skyline: Committed to Texas Tech HIGHLIGHTS
 Abdul Adams (5-11, 175), Washington D.C. Wilson:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Bryson Denley (5-8, 175), Cibolo Steele:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Lil'Jordan Humphrey (6-5, 200), Southlake Carroll: HIGHLIGHTS
 Kameron Martin (5-10, 175), Port Arthur Memorial:  Committed to Baylor  HIGHLIGHTS
 Devwah Whaley (5-11, 195), Beaumont Central :  HIGHLIGHTS
 Trayveon Williams (5-9, 180), Houston King:  HIGHLIGHTS

 Tyrell Alexander (6-1, 170), Lancaster:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRANKED Brandon Benson (6-2, 175),Waco La Vega:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRANKED Kofi Boateng (6-0, 170), Arlington Lamar:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRANKED Jordan Brown (6-3, 205), Stillwater (OK):  HIGHLIGHTS 
 J.C. Chalk (6-4, 220), Argyle: Committed to Clemson  HIGHLIGHTS
 Donte Coleman (6-4, 215), West Mesquite:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Keith Corbin (6-2, 175), Beaumont West Brook:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Nate Craig (6-2, 200), Tampa (FL) Catholic: Committed to Auburn  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRANKED Cameron Dantzler (6-2, 165), Hammond (LA) St. Thomas Aquinas:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Tren'Davion Dickson (6-0, 170), Navasota:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Donell Dunn (6-0, 183), Cypress Springs:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Devin Duvernay (5-11, 178), Sachse:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Isaiah Graham (6-1, 180), Bastrop (LA):  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRATED Zach Hall (5-10, 165), Tyler Lee:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Jack Jones (5-11, 175), Long Beach (CA) Poly:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRANKED D'Eriq King (5-10, 161), Manvel: Committed to TCU HIGHLIGHTS 
 Courtney Lark (6-2, 175), Houston Bellaire : Committed to TCU  HIGHLIGHTS
 Clyde LeFlore (6-1, 165), New Orleans (LA) Easton:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Javon McKiney (6-2, 180), Corona (CA) Centennial:  HIGHLIGHTS 
 Adewale Omotosho (6-4, 180), Plano East:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Kaden Smith (6-5, 235), Flower Mound Marcus:  HIGHLIGHTS
 T.J. Vasher (6-4, 175), Wichita Falls Rider  HIGHLIGHTS
 Tyler Vaughns (6-2, 185), La Puente (CA) Bishop Amat:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Camron Williams (6-3, 190), Dallas First Baptist:  HIGHLIGHTS

UNRANKED Austin Anderson (6-4, 275), Mineola:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRANKED Riley Anderson (6-5, 275), Mineola:  HIGHLIGHTS
 John Delance (6-5, 270), North Mesquite: Committed to Oklahoma  HIGHLIGHTS
 Michael Eletise (6-4, 302), Honolulu (HI) Kaiser:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Daniel Juarez (6-5, 250), Corona (CA) Centennial:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRANKED Tate Leavitt (6-6, 300), Hutchinson CC (KS):  HIGHLIGHTS
 Greg Little (6-6, 285), Allen: Committed to Texas A&M  HIGHLIGHTS
 Keenan Murphy (6-3, 285), Crosby:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRANKED Austin Myers (6-4, 285), Manvel:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRANKED Denzel Okafor (6-4, 290), Lewisville:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRANKED Giovanni Pancotti (6-6, 285), Bellaire Episcopal:  HIGHLIGHTS
 J.P. Urquidez (6-5, 295), Hyattsville (MD) Dematha:  HIGHLIGHTS

 Chris Daniels (6-4, 285), Euless Trinity:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Rashard Lawrence (6-3, 300), Monroe (LA) Neville:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Ed Oliver (6-2, 285), Houston Westfield:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Chris Owens (6-4, 277), Arlington Lamar:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRANKED Stephon Taylor (6-6, 275), New Orleans (LA) McDonogh35:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRANKED Gerald Wilbon (6-3, 320), Destrehan (LA):  HIGHLIGHTS
 Mike Williams (6-3, 270), Fort Worth All Saints:  HIGHLIGHTS

 Amani Bledsoe (6-6, 266), Lawrence (KS):  HIGHLIGHTS 
 Brandon Bowen (6-6, 230), Byron Nelson:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRATED Austin Deshay (6-5, 225), Pflugerville Hendrickson:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Kellen Diesch
 (6-7, 270), Byron Nelson:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Mark Jackson (6-4, 210), Cibolo Steele:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Michael Johnson (6-3, 230), Sugar Land Hightower:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Levi Onwuzurike (6-3, 230), Allen:  HIGHLIGHTS

 Jordan Carmouche (6-1, 220), Manvel:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Michael Divinity (6-3, 200), Marrero (LA) Ehret:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRATED Pernell Jefferson (6-2, 235) NO (LA) Warren Easton:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Maciah Long (6-2, 200), Galena Park North Shore:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Jeffrey McCulloch (6-2, 225), Houston Davis:  HIGHLIGHTS
 McKinley Mitchell (6-3, 220), Plano West:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Marvin Terry (6-2, 210), Dallas South Oak Cliff:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRANKED Johnathan Picone (6-2, 220), Mandeville (LA):  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRATED Alton Robinson (6-3, 220), Converse Judson:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Deonte Williams (6-1, 218), Plano Prestonwood:  HIGHLIGHTS

 Dontavious Jackson (6-2, 237), Houston Elsik:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRATED Giovanni LaFrance (6-1, 220), NO (LA) St. Augustine:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Robert Revels (6-3, 220) Houston Reagan:  HIGHLIGHTS

 Obi Eboh (6-1, 172), Southlake Carroll:  HIGHLIGHTS
UNRANKED A.J. Green (6-0, 170), DeSoto:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Jaylon Jones (5-10, 165), Allen:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Jared Mayden (6-1, 190), Sachse:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Levonta Taylor (5-10, 180), Virginia Beach (VA) Ocean Lakes:  HIGHLIGHTS

 Collin Wilder (5-11, 175), Katy:  Committed to Texas Tech HIGHLIGHTS
 Deontay Anderson (6-1, 192), Manvel:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Calvin Bundage (6-2, 190), Edmond (OK) Santa Fe:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Brandon Jones (6-0, 190), Nacogdoches:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Chanse Sylvie (6-0, 175), Shreveport (LA) Calvary Baptist:  HIGHLIGHTS
 Christian Wallace (6-2, 205), Katy Tompkins:  HIGHLIGHTS

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