Raider Power Rapid Fire: Coaching Staff

The staff answers five questions surrounding the Texas Tech football coaching staff.

Will David Gibbs last two full seasons as defensive coordinator?

Alyssa: Yes.

Cameron: Yes, but young defense continues growing pains in 2015.

Jarret: Yes.

Joe: Yes. But I'm less certain about three.

Which coach is getting the most from his position group?

Alyssa: I would say coach Gibbs. With all of the competition amongst the defense I think you will see a lot come out of the defense this spring overall.

Cameron: Lee Hays

Jarret: Jinks. Dre and Q have each made big leaps since his arrival.

Joe:  Jinks. Washington really blossomed under his mentorship, and Stockton and Q have shown promise as well.

Do you think Kingsbury should give up playcalling duties and focus on being the head coach or can he do both? On a scale of 1-10 rate his performance at Tech so far.

Alyssa: I would give him a 5, if you average the past two seasons together they have just been mediocre. Lots of high points but the same amount of lows. I think he has the ability to balance his playcalling duties and be a good head coach, we just haven’t really seen him do that very well yet.

Cameron: He can do both, but I advise him to give up the duties. I give him a 2.

Jarret: I definitely think he can do both, but I have been underwhelmed with his playcalling so far. I do like what he's doing with multiple formations, though, especially in the running game. 5.

Joe: I think the jury is still out on whether Kingsbury can be effective both as head coach and offensive coordinator. Leach did it, but that doesn't mean Kingsbury can, too. Let's give him another season in dual roles. Scale of 10: 5.

Which coach is the best recruiter?

Alyssa: Coach Curtis for sure. So many guys that I talk to mention his name and he is always talking to recruits very frequently while building that relationship, which is important in recruiting. He is just a cool guy, and many recruits say he is easy to relate to. 

Cameron: Trey Haverty

Jarret: Jinks again. Though he doesn't do as much heavy lifting as others on the staff, he was the primary recruiter in landing four-star running backs in back-to-back classes, which has been unheard of in these parts since at least the 1990's.

Joe: Eric Morris

 On a scale of 1-10, how big of an impact do you think new director of player development Emmett Jones will have on Tech's recruiting in DFW?

Alyssa: I think he will have a big impact like 7 on the scale, it definitely can’t hurt Tech and will only help them. I think in the DFW area Tech needs some help getting big time guys, so this is a good thing. 

Cameron: 8, and the reason the number is this low is because the impact will come strictly within Dallas ISD.

Jarret: 7, and that's really high for me. 

Joe: 7

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