Raider Power Mailbag senior writer Joe Yeager and publisher Jarret Johnson answer questions from subscribers about Texas Tech football, basketball and recruiting.

RidingFearless: Have you gentlemen seen enough on Jalen Hurts to give your opinion on the recent Tech offeree?

Jarret: What he is is exactly the type of dual-threat quarterback Kliff Kingsbury, among many others, covet. Hurts passed for 2,500 yards, 21 touchdowns and rushed for another 950 and 19 scores last season. He's also approximately the same size as Patrick Mahomes at 6-foot-2. As his HUDL highlights show he has a nice touch on the deep ball, capable of taking advantage of open receivers down field. I would prefer to see him in person before going too overboard on him, but he appears to be a good fit for Kingsbury's scheme.

Joe: Great size. Good touch on the deep ball and the fade. Has enough speed to make plays with his legs against Big 12 defenses. Very elusive for a quarterback. Can throw accurately on the run. Looks like a very good prospect.

DWoolvie: This may be (old) news by the time y'all film this. Where should Crabtree take his talents in NFL free agency? Please name a few landing spots. Perhaps Htown? I'm a Houston fan.

Jarret: I haven't heard much about Crabtree to Houston, or much about his free agency at all. Miami, Buffalo, Oakland and even New England have all come up, but I haven't heard anything definitive. It is assumed New England is a stretch, because they would likely not offer Crabtree either enough money or a long enough contract to make him happy. I would like to see him go play with a good QB at a good situation, show what he can do for a season or two and then cash out and be set for life financially. I don't think that is what he'll do though.

Joe: Miami may be the front-runner, but Chicago and Buffalo might not be bad options, too, if Crabs can handle the weather.

TECHAWL: Which recruit from junior day impressed you the most with his interview?

Jarret: This is a great question, though I will not be giving you a straight answer. I liked several parts from a number of interviews. I enjoyed how Houston Reagan LB Robert Revels told me he was surprised by the intensity of practice and "the pads were really popping". I like what Allen four-star defensive end Levi Onwuzurike told RP reporter Alyssa Chrisope about Texas Tech and Lubbock shattering his stereotype of both. I enjoyed hearing the hope in South Oak Cliff QB David Johnson's voice and desire for a scholarship at Tech. I personally had fun interviewing Donell Dunn, because I could tell he was so close to committing and he was measuring his words carefully. I was also really surprised to read in RP reporter Cameron Brock's interview of John Tyler receiver Damion Miller that he started following Tech because that's where Patrick Mahomes went to out of Whitehouse High School. I'm not sure why, But I was surprised to hear he looked up to the fellow East Texas native that much and it stood out to me.

tornadowatch: Here's a hypothetical question. Let's say the 2017 and 2018 OOC schedules for all Div 1 schools has been wiped clean. You've been granted the privilege of selecting 3 schools - from Bama to Bucknell - to play Tech on a home and home basis and they will automatically agree. With the premise that Kliff will have built up the Raiders into a very potent team by then, who would you schedule? And why?

Jarret: If we're going hypothetical then I'm not looking for any cream puffs. Give me some national T.V. games in every region. I'll say first season Texas Tech opens in Southern California against UCLA, before hosting Penn State at the Jones and finishing out non-conference against Florida, who is down, but still a school that will move the needle. That means the following year Tech would host UCLA then travel to Happy Valley before wrapping non-conference against the Gators at the Jones. Sounds like fun to me and it could help recruiting in three pretty big hotbeds of the country (California, Pennsylvania and Florida).

Joe: If by potent team tornadowatch means one that is legitimately competitive for the Big 12 title, I would suggest playing one cupcake--no need to take too many chances in non-conference--and two competitive but not elite programs for diagnostic purposes. For the two cream puffs, let's say Florida Atlantic and Temple (good exposure on the east coast), and for the four mid-pack teams, I'll go with Oregon State, Utah, Illinois and Purdue. Those last four are at least "name" programs that would pique fan interest.

JaBurrs: Should we start worrying that we can't see to hold a QB commit? Also, is the QB from South Oak Cliff worth an offer?

Jarret: No. Stidham was unique. Wallace was getting so much attention and decided to see what else is out there. I also honestly think Mahomes has scared some people off. Not only that, but Davis Webb is still there. So if you're an incoming 2015 or 2016 recruit you are looking at having to beat out Mahomes, who lit it up at the end of last season AND Webb, who despite his struggles has put up some pretty big numbers in his first two seasons and has such a firm grasp of the offense, he could probably coach it tomorrow. I think, as Joe states below, if Mahomes (or Webb) is able to up good numbers and more importantly win some big games next season, 2016 recruits will see they will likely have to redshirt as freshmen, sit a year and then be the man with three seasons of eligibility remaining in an extremely QB friendly offense, after Webb and Mahomes leave following the 2016 and 17 seasons respectively.

As far as David Johnson, the South Oak Cliff QB you asked about, it's difficult for me to say. He was ridiculously effective and efficient last season for the Bears by passing for 3,138 yards, 44 touchdowns and just eight interceptions. That being said, I need to see more of him to know for sure if Tech should offer him. He visited both Saturday for junior day and came back Wednesday with South Oak Cliff four-star linebacker Marvin Terry. One thing is for sure, Tech should know exactly what they have in him since new director of player development Emmett Jones coached him the past couple seasons.

Joe: I wouldn't worry too much yet. The next national signing date is still 11 months off. If the Tech offense returns to form this season and Mahomes lights it up, I have no doubt a Tech offer to play QB will again be a very prestigious commodity and that Kingsbury will have his choice of several great prospects. But if Tech has another season that resembles 2014 then Kingsbury will probably be sweeping up crumbs at the quarterback position and most others to boot.

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