Raider Power Rapid Fire: Postseason Talk

The staff answers five questions regarding postseason play in all sports, including the NCAA Tournament, which tips off again this week.

Alyssa is on Spring Break so it's just the fellas this week. The following is five quick questions and answers for the RP staff on our favorite postseason memories in honor of March Madness. What say you?

Name your top 5 favorite postseasons to watch as a fan in order

Cameron: 1) MLB 2) NCAA Baseball 3) NCAA Basketball 4) NFL 5) NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Jarret: 1. NFL, 2. NCAA FB, 3. NBA Playoffs, 4. NCAA Tournament, 5. Texas HS football playoffs

Joe: 1. NCAA Men's basketball tournament; 2. College football bowls; 3. If the Winter Olympics count as post-season, then the Winter Olympics; 4. If soccer's World Cup counts as post-season, then the World Cup; 5. Everything else

What did you think of the first ever College Football Playoff? Do you like the current format, the old one or do you think it should expand?

Cameron: It was a major improvement. I think it should expand to 16 teams with each conference receiving an automatic bid. Heck, I think the FCS National Champion should get a bid. The more systems there are, the worse off it is. It is better than UIL's two-division per class system though. The fans are the ones who are robbed when you do not see Allen play Katy or Cedar Hill.

Jarret: I like the four team playoff, would not mind if it expanded to eight, but that is my ceiling.

Joe:  I think the college football playoffs should expand to the point that it includes every team that could have a realistic chance of winning the championship. I believe eight teams would be sufficient.

March Madness is days away. What is your top Tech and then non-Tech memory from tournaments past?

Cameron: I was 6 years old when Darvin Ham broke the glass, and did not know about Texas Tech or college basketball. Forgive me when I say Texas Tech beating Gonzaga to advance to the Sweet 16. My favorite non-Tech memory is when Creighton nailed a three-point shot in 2001 in triple overtime to upset Florida. Oh man, was that beautiful! I love those first-round buzzer beaters!

Jarret: Darvin Ham breaking the glass against North Carolina for sure. I was a kid when that happened and I remember pinning the Sports Illustrated cover to my wall in my room. My favorite non-Tech March Madness moment has to be Christian Laettner's turn around shot against Kentucky. Epic game loaded with talent and great coaches. I remember going out in the back yard and trying to replicate that shot over and over, counting down and trying to make it at the buzzer.

Joe: I suspect everybody will cite Darvin Ham's backboard-shattering dunk against North Carolina as their favorite Tech tournament memory, so I'll go a slightly different route and say Ham's monster jam over Othella Harrington early in Tech's loss to Georgetown in the Sweet 16. That dunk was even more spectacular than the one against Carolina. Ham elevated at about the free throw line and posterized the 6-foot-10 Harrington, drawing a foul in the process. I would love to see that dunk again.

Which Tech team will be the next to make it this far: 1. Football team to CFB Playoff, 2. Basketball team to the NCAA Tournament, 3. Baseball to the College World Series

Cameron: Baseball. It's an expectation this season, and while I don't expect them to win it all, I certainly believe they can.

Jarret: Baseball.

Joe:  I will take the fairly obvious and go with the baseball team. If they do not return to the College World Series this season, it will be a disappointment, even a bit of an upset. Making a college bowl is no great accomplishment these days because it is so easy, but I'm still unsold on the direction the football program is moving. That said, if the football team doesn't make a bowl this season, there is something very, very rotten in Lubbock. The basketball team could be good enough to make the tourney next season, but the Big 12 looks to be just as brutal next season as this. Ergo, Tubby would deserve Big 12 Coach of the Year honors if the Red Raiders somehow make it.

 Who are you taking, Kentucky to go 40-0 or the field?

Cameron: 40-0.

Jarret: I'm taking Kentucky to do it, but I wouldn't be shocked if they went down, they are not invincible.

Joe: I hope I'm wrong, but I fully expect Kentucky to run the table. I predict they'll have a scare at some point--probably at the Sweet 16 or Elite 8 juncture--but otherwise coast to easy wins.

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