Raider Power Rapid Fire: Yeager Bombs

The staff answers five questions posed by senior writer Joe Yeager regarding everything from Texas Tech athletics to pizza toppings.

This week's questions come from the man, the myth, the legend, RP senior writer Joe Yeager. 
Which Tech football player on offense is most likely to earn first-team All Big 12 honors next season?
Alyssa: DeAndre Washington
Cameron: Le'Raven Clark
Jarret: Le'Raven "The Carpenter" Clark
Joe: No reason Le'Raven Clark shouldn't repeat, but Washington, Morales and Kaster all have legitimate shots as well.
Zach: Le'Raven Clark.

Tech finished last season No. 125 in total defense out of 128 teams. Where do they finish in 2015?
Alyssa: In 2013, Houston was ranked 80th in total defense a year later they were ranked 19th. So, in Gibbs' first year I think he brings them to 75ish. 
Cameron: 90
Jarret: Around 100. They have a lot of work to do and face some pretty tough offenses such as Arky and UTEP (laugh at your own peril) on the ground and the likes of TCU and Baylor's aerial assaults. If the turnovers happen, they will be much better.
Joe: No. 81. That's still not great, but is discernible progress. I hope to see turnover creation improve as well.
Zach: Somewhere in the 60-70 range, which is just fine if they finish in the top 40 or so in turnover margin.

Which is more likely next year: Tech football finishes .500 or worse, or Tech men's basketball makes it to the postseason?
Alyssa: Football finishing .500
Cameron: .500 or worse
Jarret: Is there a third option? I'd say there is a better chance of neither happening, but I'll say Tubby's guys have a slightly better shot of making the NIT than KK's guys do of finishing above .500. 
Joe:  I believe Tubby's gang has about a 50/50 chance of making it to the NIT (although this could improve depending on who Tech signs in the upcoming signing period), while I think the football team has a slightly better chance than that of winning at least six games. But this is almost a tossup to my mind. 
Zach: Tech football finishing .500 or worse. The Big XII is always a gauntlet, and Tech's out of conference schedule won't be filled with cupcakes.

Over/Under: DeAndre Washington rushes for 1,300 next season? 
Alyssa: Over
Cameron: Over, the offensive line returns four starters. The skill players were at fault for lack of production in 2014
Jarret: Under, but only playing the percentages here. I think he has another outstanding season and I believe he has a good shot of getting a look at the next level after, but too many stallions in the stable and not enough carries to go around in Kingsbury's system.
Joe: I'm going with the over. If Washington gets the touches he deserves, he'll have a pretty huge season.
Zach: Gonna go under here, just because of how loaded the backfield is. Q-White is a tank, Stockton has blazing speed, Felton looks great, and Corey Dauphine brings a lot to the table.

What are your two ideal pizza toppings, and mozzarella doesn't count, although extra mozzarella does?
Alyssa: Ricotta and Roma tomatoes, yum.
Cameron: I have not eaten pizza in at least 15 years. I'm deathly allergic to cow's milk. My throat closes up, and I am sick for a full month.
Jarret: Italian sausage and mushrooms (my go-to pizza is sausage, onion and mushrooms).
Joe: Salami and garlic. This was a combo I discovered while living in New Jersey, and it's killa baby! But I'm not aware of any local pizza joints that offer salami. A pity.
Zach: Pepperoni and mushrooms, definitely. 

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