Williams Talks Texas Tech

RaiderPower.com interviewed South Grand Prairie (TX) cornerback Caesar Williams about his relationship with Texas Tech and his overall recruitment.

South Grand Prairie cornerback Caesar Williams got the opportunity to work out for some of the Tech coaches on Thursday at a practice.

"It went well, they were watching me practice and watched me play both offense and defense. They watched me mostly on defense," Williams said. "They talked to my coach wanting to see a little more of this or that from me so my coach came over to me and told me what to do. That was during school, then after school they had me come back and I ran through some more stuff for them."

The South Grand Prairie coaching staff, led by head coach Brent Whitson is having the talented corner play more offense this season to help improve the team.

"They want me to play both sides, they want to see what I can do on the offensive side and want me to bring leadership to that side of the ball as well as on defense."

Coach Kevin Curtis is the primary recruiter of the 2016 prospect, and is actively recruiting him.

"I talk to Coach Curtis every day through DMs, I actually just got off the phone with him just a while ago," Williams said. "We were talking about how they'd come back after they evaluate all the corners and they will get back to me next Friday."

The coaching staff are in town to evaluate prospects all around the Metroplex, grading them out and ranking them before they decide to extend more offers.

"They're gonna rank everybody and see where everybody stands. They want to come back and catch a couple more of my spring practices. This one was out of pads, so I'm pretty sure they want to see what I can do in pads."

Williams is very familiar with the Texas Tech football program, and had good things to say about the Red Raiders.

"I love the Texas Tech program. I came on an unofficial visit when they played Texas. It's a great atmosphere. The coaches make you feel like you're at home. It's just a great place to be around. The student section, it was a real loud game, a real big game, I know the quarterback had got hurt, but Tech has a lot of great players. I follow a couple of them. I follow Nigel Bethel, I like the way he played that game. It just seems like a great place to be."

While most fans keep their eye on the ball during live play, Williams keeps his eye on other corners--especially when watching college football games--to improve his own game.

"I like to watch the corners play. I like to watch them go against the best receivers. Especially college football, I like to watch my position the most."

With a potential offer looming for Williams, and with Tech seemingly in a good spot with the prospect, is there enough mutual interest for him to take another unofficial visit to Lubbock? The answer is yes, though he plans on visiting other schools as well.

"I plan on visiting Tech again, I loved it up there. I plan on visiting Missouri, I'm supposed to go up to UNT this morning, I plan on going to Baylor, coming down to Texas and try to get their interest higher with me. Tulsa, and that's about it for right now."

In addition to taking another unofficial to Lubbock, Williams plans on attending one of the Dallas-Fort Worth summer satellite camps that Tech hosts each year.

As it is still pretty early in his recruitment, Williams doesn't have an official top 5 out, but some schools are definitely standing out to him.

"I just know that Texas Tech and SMU show me the most love. I get hand-written letters from those schools every day when I check the mailbox. Either coach Curtis, coach Smith, coach Spavital, Texas Tech tells me they love my speed and size, and they want me to be a part of the program."

Since it is still so early in his recruitment, Williams doesn't have a timeline in place. But, he expressed the importance of involving those around him in his decision.

"(To commit) going into my senior season, I'd have to sit with my family and my coaches and make a decision."

Williams reports offers from Navy, Texas State, and Stephen F. Austin. He has interest from Arkansas, Missouri, SMU, Houston, Rice, Kansas, Tulsa, and Texas Tech.

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