Texas Tech in the Mix for Miller

Raiderpower.com interviewed Keller defensive end Houston Miller about his interest in Texas Tech and overall recruitment.

Texas Tech is on the radar for the No. 10 defensive end in the state, Houston Miller.

This 6-foot-3, 228-pound defensive end from Keller High School has reached double-digits in offers and is expecting more from the Big 12 soon. Miller added he has been in touch with Arkansas, along with Texas schools Baylor, TCU, Texas A&M, and Texas.

Texas Tech is another in-state school that has caught Miller’s eye.

“Texas Tech would be a great place and hopefully I will be receiving an offer because that is another school of interest for me,” Miller said.

He added that he has received steady mail from the Red Raiders, but recently he has been exchanging direct messages with defensive coordinator David Gibbs on Twitter.

Miller said he is familiar with the Red Raiders and has watched them since he was a kid. He remembers Michael Crabtree’s catch in the 2008 game against Texas and said that is the memory that sticks out most from watching them.

He also said that he always picked Texas Tech when playing NCAA, because he liked their offense.

Miller plans to visit as many schools as possible this summer and Texas Tech will be one of them along with the other in-state schools, and Cal. He will take visits to Duke and Iowa this spring as well.

This spring is important to Miller because he has many goals. One is to bring in as many offers as he can to give him options, and also to ‘get after it everyday’ with his teammates.

“This is our last year and we want to go out with a bang.” Miller said.

Overall Miller is exploring all of his options said he ‘wants to make sure no rock is unturned,’ therefore it might take him some time to really choose what school fits him best.

“It’s not only a four year decision, but a 40 year decision.” Miller said.

Above all else, Miller is devoted to leading the Keller Indians to a great season in the fall.

“One of my biggest thing right now is that I’m an Indian for the remainder of my senior year. I’m not going to let the recruitment process take me away from my team. This team is everything to me right now,” Miller said.

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