RP Rapid Fire: Texas Tech Coaches

The RaiderPower.com staff debates who the best coach at Texas Tech is, gives two reasons for optimism on the gridiron next season and more.

Who is the top coach at Texas Tech? Any sport.

Alyssa: Tim Tadlock. He’s the first to take the baseball team to CWS in school history.

Cameron: Tom Stone. Don Flora and Tim Tadlock are half a step behind him. The soccer team was just god awful before he arrived.

Jarret: Really, all the coaches outside the big money sports (football and basketball) are killing it, but I have to give the nod to Tadlock, who has the baseball program positioned to really be a force over the next several seasons. 

Joe: Wes Kittley

Zach: Terry Fuller

Who do you have starting at left and right corner, who is your nickel CB?

Alyssa: left- Tevin Madison right- Nigel Bethel nickel CB- Justis Nelson 

Cameron: Left: Nigel Bethel Right: Justis Nelson Nickel: Tevin Madison

Jarret: This position could end up being a real strength next season. I'm going to say Justis gets moved to free safety, Nigel starts at one corner, Tevin the other and one of the 2015 signees; Paul Banks or Jamile Johnson to start at nickel. Jah'Shawn Johnson will be heard from, too.

Joe: For the season-opener, Nigel Bethel and Justis Nelson start, but I expect this position to be in flux throughout the year. Tevin Madison is my nickel back to begin with, but that too may change.

Zach: LCB: Justis Nelson, RCB: Nigel Bethel, NCB: Tevin Madison

Give me two reasons to be optimistic about Tech improving on the gridiron next season.

Alyssa: 1. David Gibbs 2. QB with experience no matter who it is 

Cameron: Returning four of five starters on the o-line and adding two defensive players who were five-star recruits.

Jarret: 1. Patrick Mahomes. 2. The secondary will be vastly improved. It will be more experienced, more talented, deeper and playing in a better scheme.

Joe: Mahomes in the saddle from the get-go, and a deeper, more experienced defense

Zach: A better defensive line, and Patrick Mahomes

What's your favorite movie or show (Netflix or otherwise) you have watched in the past calendar year? 

Alyssa: House of Cards trumps every show I’ve watched. Game of Thrones is up there though.

Cameron: Gran Torino

Jarret: At the movies: The Kingsman. Netflix: Snowpiercer (Be forewarned: this is a brutal, yet thought provoking movie starring Captain America and Ed Harris)

Joe: An American Werewolf in London

Zach: The Sopranos, start to finish 

What band or musician is getting the most play on your phone, MP3, (8-track for Joe), etc. right now? 

Alyssa: This is cliche but I’m still obsessed with Taylor Swifts new album.

Cameron: The Birds of Night

Jarret: Drunkard music- The Band, specifically "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" and Chicago "25 or 6 to 4". When working: Kevin Gates and The Strokes

Joe: Talking Heads

Zach: A lot of classic rock. Steely Dan, Psychedelic Furs, Gary Numan, etc. 

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