Shawntrez Davis: 'Texas Tech's a Good Fit' caught up with Sound Doctrine Christian (GA) power forward Shawntrez Davis, who made an official visit to Texas Tech this past weekend.

Georgia preps power forward Shawntrez Davis made an official visit to the South Plains last weekend and came away very impressed.

The 6-foot-9, 220-pound Sound Doctrine Christian big man averaged a double-double last season with 21 points and 10 rebounds, plus almost four blocks. Davis is rated as a three-star prospect by Scout and holds offers from over a dozen schools.

The following is a transcript of an interview conducted over the phone shortly after Davis' visit to Tech:

RP: How'd the visit go overall?

Davis: I liked everything about it; the academic side, the sports side--an all around type thing and everything was pretty good.

RP: I heard rumors that maybe you committed to Tech this weekend. Any truth to that?

Davis: No, it's not true, I mean I talked to coach and everything. We both understand what the deal is right now. He hopes to have me soon, but I haven't really said I'm coming. The word that I said, which may make it seem like I'm coming, I said 'This would be a good fit if I do come'.

RP: You said it would be a good fit. What makes Tech a good fit?

Davis: I mean, It's the Big 12, it's a nice conference, I think it's the best or most televised conference so my family and friends can see me play and I get to come in as a freshman and start and then, I mean Tubby Smith.

RP: Yeah, and thinking of Tubby Smith, what were your impressions of him and how long has he been recruiting you?

Davis: Tubby's a good guy. He's been recruiting me for like a year now. He's real close to me, him and the other coaches like Coach Esposito are real close to me, checking in on me and not just about basketball, but about my books. They came to a couple of my games. Just to have an offer from a Hall of Fame coach like him is a really big thing for me.

RP: What about some of the players, did you get to hang out with any of them?

Davis: Yeah, Justin Gray. I have known Justin for a good minute. Justin is a pretty cool guy. I see him kind of like a guidance post. He's really positive on everything, he's a smart kid and he loves the game of basketball just like I do.

RP: What did you think of the campus? I was told by a couple people they saw you riding around with Esposito cruising the campus. What did you think?

Davis: The campus was wonderful. It's nice, it's a big campus, it's open and everything. It's a lot of people and it's Texas, I mean it's hot, it gets to like 100 and a lot of sunny days in Texas, not rain as much, not snow as much. It's a really good environment.

RP: What about the facilities and everything? I know there's some construction going on, but what did you think of the facilities?

Davis: Aw man, the facilities were awesome.I mean they had some work going on, but I got to see the gym, it's nice, the new locker rooms they're getting and everything. The football stadium is tremendous. Everything was good from my point of view. It's an awesome place to be, not just for school, but overall.

RP: So who are you deciding between? Who all is in the mix for you and what is your timetable for deciding?

Davis: I don't have a timetable or nothing like that, but it will be soon. Right now I just have Boston College, Texas Tech, Texas, Arkansas and LSU.

RP: So all of those schools are still in the mix for you?

Davis: They're still in the mix for me, yeah.

RP: Where are you at with your visits? Do you have any other visits planned before you decide?

Davis: Not as of right now. This is my first visit, but I'm trying to set up another one, but right now I don't know because it's the end of the school year, so I don't know if I'm going to take another one or not, but right now I don't have another one.

RP: Do you plan on signing by the 20th or are you waiting?

Davis: I'm just waiting.

RP: O.K. So you may not sign by the 20th?

Davis: No, not as of right now. I'm just focusing on finishing school and everything. When I get done with that I'll sit down with my mom, my trainer and let them know of my decision and where I see myself going and then just go off of there.

RP: As far as that decision goes what ultimately are you looking for? What are the main things you are looking for that is going to help you decide?

Davis: The pros and cons of any school. You know to see the good side and the bad side. As of right now I try not to think of the bad sides of schools, but I have to do it for myself to make sure I'm secure no matter where I go. Texas Tech is a nice place. It's open with good people, a nice campus. It has a Hall of Fame coach and it has tremendous players and athletes and not just that, but they are also smart in their books, so it's not just a school that is good at basketball, it's good on academics. There's more at Tech.

RP: That's great stuff. Is there anything about your recruitment or your visit that I'm missing or you'd like to add?

Davis: Hopefully this is, hopefully this is where I'll be.

RP: Alright. I really appreciate your time, thank you so much.

Davis: Alright, no problem.

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