Hermanns Recaps 'Awesome' Texas Tech Visit

RaiderPower.com caught up with Rio Rancho (NM) lineman Grant Hermanns for a recap of his recent visit to Texas Tech and the lowdown on his recruitment.

Grant Hermanns' recruitment by Texas Tech started off with a simple email sent by the Rio Rancho (NM) lineman to the Red Raider Athletic Department.

"I just sent an email with a little paragraph saying who I am, a little spreadsheet with my GPA and stuff like that," Hermanns said. "We didn't receive a whole lot of interest and then they said they were coming by and that night they offered."

That offer came just a week ago, which prompted an unofficial visit to Tech by the 6-foot-6, 250-pound lineman on Saturday. After initially receiving little interest, Hermanns said during the visit offensive line coach Lee Hays and defensive line coach Mike Smith were fighting over which one was going to get to potentially add the versatile New Mexico athlete to their position group.

"Yeah when we went there for the visit coach [Lee] Hays was trying to keep me away from the defensive coach and the defensive coach was trying to keep me away from him," Hermanns said. "It was a struggle, yeah, it was a little fight between the two, but yeah they can see me going either way and playing both sides."

No matter which side of the line Hermanns ends up, if he suits up as a Red Raider coach Hays will have played an integral role in his recruitment.

"That night they offered I gave him a call, he texted me on Twitter, gave me his number and I gave him a call," Hermanns said. "We just talked about everything. It was about a 20-25 minute conversation. We just talked about the military, the whole recruiting process and when I should commit. He's a great guy and said even if I don't go to Texas Tech he'll still help me out and help me get recruited."

Military service is a source of pride and a way of life for both Hays and Hermanns. According to Hays' bio, he served as a Marine for nine years and is a graduate of the Marine Sniper School, while Hermanns' father served 28 years in the Navy, his older brother currently serves in the Navy and his twin is applying to the Naval Academy.

"Coach Hays really seems like a father figure to some of his athletes, it seems like he's the glue that holds the whole line together," Hermanns said. "He seems pretty knowledgeable just about college football in general. He had a really good character to him and I can relate to him because my dad was in the military and he was in the military."

The visit to the South Plains was Hermanns' first trip to the Lone Star State and he seemed to really enjoy it.

"Texas Tech was exciting man, it was awesome," Hermanns said. "We looked at all the facilities. They brought us over and gave us our numbers and we got to look at all the gear and stuff and try a bunch of that stuff. Then, we saw their weight room and we saw the academics."

On the facilities Hermanns' main focus was seeing the weight room, adding he was glad the football team had its own and that they wouldn't have to share with the athletes from other sports.

Hermanns said he liked the uniforms fine, but he doesn't really get excited about uniforms, "All I need is a pair of cleats, myself and pads to play football, right?"

What made the biggest impression of Hermanns was getting to meet all the coaching staff.

"Meeting the staff was really cool," Hermanns said. "I loved meeting coach [Kliff] Kingsbury, seeing coach Hays and everybody. They all seemed pretty excited about the new recruits so it was awesome and just getting to meet the coaches was the biggest thing."

Hermann's went on to describe Kingsbury as an "awesome guy who really seemed to know what he was talking about" adding he appreciated the fact the young head coach on one hand is a former pro quarterback, but was also raised by a father who served in the military.

Hermanns said the visit definitely moved Texas Tech up his list and said it opened up his eyes to what he really wants in a college experience.

"I definitely want a home away from home, a place where I can be myself, right," Hermanns said. "There are several factors such as the weather, will I like the weather there for five years and if you like the surroundings, whether you want a small town or a big town and just all that stuff plays a factor."

He currently holds offers from Tech, New Mexico, Northern Arizona, Kansas, San Diego State and Washington State.

In addition to the trip to Lubbock, Hermanns has also visited New Mexico, Northern Arizona, Oklahoma and Arizona State.

Hermanns confirmed he is 6-6, 250, but said he plans on adding 15 pounds of muscle before starting his senior season. He added in addition to lifting every day and eating a lot, he is also taking yoga classes in order to retain his flexibility and mobility with the added muscle mass. The hope is the flexibility will give him the option to play either defensive end or offensive tackle at the next level.

With the humble beginnings of his email sent out to college programs, Hermanns has already seemingly accomplished one goal as he ended the interview with the following sentiment:

"Football has always been a dream of mine. I have always been a really skinny guy and everyone always said I couldn't play football at the next level, right? They would tell me that all the time. It's just proving them wrong and just going out there--it's really just a dream and passion of mine."

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