Texas Tech Adds Southlake Long Snapper

Southlake Carroll long snapper IV Seacat accepted a preferred walk-on offer from Texas Tech assistant coach Darrin Chiaverini on Wednesday. RaiderPower.com caught up with Seacat for an interview shortly after he announced his commitment.

The following Q&A was conducted through Twitter via direct messages:

RaiderPower.com: I heard you accepted a preferred walk-on spot at long-snapper after attending camp. Is that true?

Seacat: Yessir it is.

RaiderPower.com: Great. Can you break down how it went down, the details?

Seacat: Yessir, well I was snapping good at the camp and coach [Darrin] Chiaverini came up to me and we started talking. He said I had a chance to play there and for me to contact him. So I did, we've talked through out the week, and finally I said I would take the opportunity

RaiderPower.com: What made you to decide to pull the trigger and commit?

Seacat: I really like the campus and I've grown up going there because that's where my dad went and was raised, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and want to help tech with the next few year!

RaiderPower.com: That's cool. Did your dad go to HS in Lubbock, too? If so, do you know which one?

Seacat: Lubbock Cornodo!

RaiderPower.com: Nice. I have to say IV Seacat is one of the cooler names I have come across. Is there a story behind your first name? Your last name too if you know it.

Seacat: Yes there is...my real name is Russell, but I go by IV because that's Roman numeral number 4, and I'm the 4th Russell in my family!

RaiderPower.com: I noticed you are listed as a linebacker on Carroll's roster. Do you plan on playing any LB at Tech or just focusing on long snapper?

Seacat: Coach hasn't said anything about linebacker, and if the opportunity presented itself, that'd be awesome!! But I wouldn't mind sticking with long snapper at all...I'm very passionate about it.

RaiderPower.com: How did you become passionate about long-snapping? When did it start?

Seacat: About 8th grade..I started and I stuck with it and enjoyed it a lot!

RaiderPower.com: You mentioned having visited Tech a lot in the past. How many games have you been to and do you have a favorite memory?

Seacat: Yeah I've been to probably 8 games or so..and yeah a few years back I went to the Cotton Bowl when Tech played Ole Miss, and that was great memory.

RaiderPower.com: Good stuff. Is there anything you'd like to add or anything I'm missing?

Seacat: Well something interesting is my cousin is Michael Hunnicutt (Oklahoma senior kicker), and he's helped a lot through the process with everything.

RaiderPower.com: Any particular advice he give you stand out?

Seacat: He just said go where you fit best and have the best opportunity.

RaiderPower.com: That's good advice. Congrats again on your success and thanks for your time.

Seacat: Thank you!

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