RP Rapid Fire: Winning Formula

The RaiderPower.com staff discusses what Texas Tech must do in order to have a successful season on the gridiron, how Texas Tech should finish its 2016 football recruiting class, who will win the Big 12 championship and more.

Every week the RaiderPower.com staff discusses five topics mostly about Texas Tech athletics with a little bit of current events and foodie talk thrown in there in a feature called RP Rapid Fire.

What is the No. 1 thing that must happen for Tech to post a winning record on the gridiron next season?

Alyssa: Stop the run.

Jarret: Be smarter. The frequency and manner in which dumb after the whistle penalties, costly unforced turnovers and all too common mental breakdowns on defense, occurred last season was alarming.

Joe: Significantly improved run defense.

Zach: The turnover drought needs to end.

Hypothetically, if Tech were to take nine more prospects in the 2016 class what positions would you like to see Tech sign and how many at each position? 

Alyssa: 4 DL, 1 LB,  2 OL, 2 WR

Jarret: 2 OL, 1 DE, 3 DT, 1 LB, 1 CB, 1 S

Joe: Honestly, I wouldn't complain if every remaining commitment was on defense. But let's go 1 WR, 4 DT, 3 LB, 1 CB.

Zach: 2 OL, 4 DL, 1 WR, 2 DBs

Who wins the Big 12 football title next season? Why?

Alyssa: It’s between Baylor and TCU for me, but I am going to go with Baylor even though they won’t have a returning a QB they have a solid defense, which TCU lacks. 

Jarret: TCU. They have the best QB, good coaching and they know they can do it now. They finish up in Norman and then at home against Baylor, which ought to be interesting.

Joe: TCU. At this very moment, Gary Patterson is the best coach in the B12, and I expect the Frogs to be considerably improved on defense this year, which is scary.

Zach: OU. Mayfield will turn it over some, but Riley is an excellent OC who can put those other offensive weapons to work.

What non-Big 12 team do you root for or like and why?

Alyssa: LSU because my dad grew up in Louisiana, so we have always watched them. I root for whoever my dad roots for, maybe one day I’ll grow out of it. 

Jarret: Oregon in the West. They were underdogs not too long ago, but play an exciting brand of football. Sparty in Yankee Land because they are tough and I like their mascot. LSU in the Dirty South for the passionate fan base and the number of amazing athletes they field every year at my favorite positions.

Joe: Wisconsin. I love the classic red and white unis, and the big block raked back W on the helmet.

Zach: Georgia Tech. Their offense is just fun to watch. I love the passing attacks of the Big XII but sometimes the ground and pound is a nice change of pace.

How did you spend Father's Day?

Alyssa: Thankfully my Dad was still in town, so we went to the movies and ate some BBQ.

Jarret: Family barbecue at my father-in-law's, played Hot Wheels, Lego's, etc. with my 3-year-old until he wore me out then did it some more, U.S. Open, Battlebots, RaiderPower.com. Great day.

Joe: Not being a father or having one anymore, nothing too special. Did some work on a painting; the missus and I did some shopping at World Market (a cool store), and I ran my dumb butt a few miles in the heat and humidity.

Zach: Slept in, played video games, made sure to wish my dad a happy Father's day. Sundays are lazy here.

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