Cibolo Steele QB to Visit Tech interviewed 2017 Cibolo Steele quarterback Xavier Martin recently about his recruitment by Texas Tech, position switch, relationship with Texas Tech assistant coach Mike Jinks and more.

Xavier Martin is the latest Cibolo Steele athlete to garner interest from Texas Tech.

It's no secret to anybody who is even a casual observer of Texas Tech football recruiting the Red Raiders have established a pipeline to Cibolo Steele, one of the top high school football programs in Texas.

Since Texas Tech hired Mike Jinks away from Steele the Red Raiders have signed two of his former players in running back Justin Stockton (2014 class) and offensive lineman Terrence Steele (2015). The Red Raiders also have a pair of Steele commitments for the current cycle in all-purpose running back Bryson Denley and receiver Antoine Cox-Wesley.

Jinks and the Red Raiders are looking at other talent on the Steele roster and Martin, who is set to visit Friday, is one of those talents.

Martin compiled over 400 yards and six touchdowns in total offense as a sophomore in 2014 for Steele and looks to play a much more significant role this season as the man behind center.

The following is a Q&A conducted with Martin through direct messages on Twitter: First off, how's the offseason gone as the man at QB? Has this one been any different for you?

Martin: It's gone really good. I can already tell I've gotten a lot better at QB this off season because that's the only position I have to work at. It's been really different because I focused on workouts at receiver last year to get ready for the season but now it's all flipped and I can already tell that I have a good relationship with all my teammates. What's been the biggest adjustment for you?

Martin: Becoming more out spoken and a bigger leader than I had been in the past. Being at Steele you're going to have a lot of weapons and a powerful running game. Couple of those weapons are Tech commits. What does Bryson Denley and Antoine Cox-Wesley bring to the offense and are you tight with either of them?

Martin: They bring speed, athleticism, great hands, height. They both work extremely hard and are some of our key players. I'm very close to all of my teammates, all of us are at the school every morning lifting and throwing routes, including Antoine and Bryson. Speaking of Tech, I read in a previous article they were looking at you for CB. Is that still the case? If so how often do you talk?

Martin: Not anymore, I have developed more as a QB from then and now they are giving me a shot at QB. If that doesn't work out I can still play any position that I put my mind to and that'll get me to college for free. That's great. How often do you hear from Tech? Also, I assume Coach Jinks is leading your recruitment?

Martin: I call him probably around 2 - 3 times a week to talk to him. What's your relationship with him like?

Martin: My relationship with him is great. He coached at Steele while I was in the 7th and 8th grade so I've been in touch with him for a while now. Did you attend one of Tech's camps?

Martin: Yes, I went to the one in New Braunfels. How'd it go? Did you get a chance to speak to any of the other coaches?

Martin: It went really good. I had the fastest 40 time and I had a lot of good throws. I spoke to almost all of the coaches. Have you visited Tech before and do have any future visits planned?

Martin: I have yet to visit but I am going on an unofficial visit next Friday, July 17th. Nice. Who are you going with?

Martin: Just my dad, I believe. I also saw you were hearing from Baylor. How often do speak with them and have you camped with them and/or visited?

Martin: I don't really hear that much from them anymore.. I hear from Oregon and Texas Tech. I've talked on the phone with UT recently, but it was just for a camp invite that I will be attending July 18th. Yeah I saw on Twitter you camped with the Ducks. How'd that go?

Martin: It went good. Me and this other kid that's committed to Hawaii got MVP of the Camp for the QBs. There were probably about 100-125 QBs at the camp including Seth Green who is committed there. Wow. That's huge. How often do you hear from Oregon and which coach do speak with the most?

Martin: I get probably like 2 or 3 letters in the mail from them a month. Not that much cause I haven't really played my position that much yet, but Scott Frost their OC, one of there other coaches, I think he is the QB coach, they follow me on Twitter but I'm to young for them to DM me or anything because of the rules but I have DMd them before. Just videos of highlights and stuff like that because they're not allowed to reply. That's good stuff. Is there anything you'd like to add or anything I'm missing?

Martin: Nope that's pretty much it. I really appreciate your time and would like to talk with you again after the visit if that's cool?

Martin: Yeah, that'll be fine. One more question I forgot to ask: you said you had the fastest 40 at the Tech camp. Do you remember your time?

Martin: A 4.32 and a 4.29 but it was hand time so laser it would probably be about a low 4.5 or a high 4.4

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