RP Rapid Fire: QBs, Top LBs, Top Receivers

Every week the RaiderPower.com staff discusses several topics surrounding the Texas Tech athletic department and some current events. Topics this week include which quarterback will start the season behind center, ranking the top receivers and linebackers and more.

Every week the staff discusses five questions surrounding Texas Tech athletics and current events in the RP Rapid Fire.

Who do you think will take the first snap at QB to open the season and why?

Alyssa: Patrick Mahomes. I think he is more Kingsbury's style, more mobility, and just a more well rounded QB than Webb. 

Jarret: Mahomes is the man and could be a special player. He makes throws on the run that not many around the country can't.

Joe: Patrick Mahomes because when given the opportunity, he clearly outperformed Davis Webb. He's the best QB on the roster.

Zach: Mahomes. He offers a dual-threat look to the offense that Kliff prefers.

Rank Tech's top 3 LBs.

Alyssa: Micah Awe, Sam Atoe, Andre Ross

Jarret: Awe, Allen, Jenkins

Joe: Micah Awe, Dakota Allen, Malik Jenkins

Zach: 1.) Micah Awe 2.) Kris Williams 3.) Dakota Allen

Rank Tech's top receivers.

Alyssa: Jakeem Grant, Devin Lauderdale, Reginald Davis

Jarret: Lauderdale, Grant, Sadler

Joe: Devin Lauderdale, Ian Sadler, Jakeem Grant

Zach: 1.) Devin Lauderdale 2.) Jakeem Grant 3.) Ian Sadler

Who is the most valuable player on the basketball team heading to next season and why?

Alyssa: Devaugntah Williams

Jarret: Zach Smith. He affects the game is so many ways and is Tech's best all-around defender.

Joe: Davaugntah Williams because he is the best scoring threat on a team that struggles mightily for points.

Zach: Devaugntah Williams - he puts the ball in the hole

What's the best meal you had in the past week?

Alyssa: Hopdoddys burgers on South Congress when I was in Austin last weekend.

Jarret: Spaghetti. My wife makes a homemade sauce that is amazing!

Joe: Homemade chicken and dumplings from my mom's recipe. This is probably the best single dish I've ever eaten, bar none.

Zach: Homemade lemon pepper chicken breast

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