Kingsbury All Business in Big D

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury answered questions from assembled media Monday at his press conference during Big 12 Media Days in Dallas.

It was straight to questions for the second straight year for Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury on Monday during his Big 12 Media Days press conference in Dallas.

The third-year head coach was all business this time around as he answered a variety of questions regarding anything from recruiting to Baker Mayfield. asked him about the amount of out-of-state players on the roster and what he attributes that recruiting success to.

"I think more than anything some relationships our staff had. Last year we actually -- I think we signed 20 players, and 19 were from the state of Texas. So the first couple of years, scrambling to put classes together, we were out of state a little bit. But the trend now with our program is to be more in state with players."

The conference started off with an eyebrow-raising question about the Baker Mayfield situation and whether Kingsbury had any regrets about how it played out.

"I haven't really thought back on it too much. I wish him the best of luck. It sounds like he's doing a great job there, which I knew he would. Hopefully, he plays really good in every game except one."

Tech's first-year defensive coordinator David Gibbs was a hot topic of conversation as many media members asked about what he's been doing with the defense so far.

"We knew that he had the track record, had the credibility coming in. Brought a different level of professionalism, accountability, and discipline that we needed on that side of the ball. Couldn't be more pleased with what I've seen thus far."

The turnover at defensive coordinator was another topic he addressed as one question was posed about selling recruits on Texas Tech with the constant changes.

"I think some of it's blind faith, obviously. With Coach Gibbs, he brings his NFL resume. He brings what he did at the University of Houston, which was phenomenal in two years there. So guys want to be around that. They want to play for a coach who has those types of credentials. So that's been huge. I think more than anything, his resume speaks for itself when you're selling recruits."

Kingsbury, widely considered a quarterback guru, also spoke to the quarterback position and the desired traits of the signal callers in his Air Raid.

"I think recently it's the ability to extend the play. I know at Houston, coaching Case Keenum, he was great at extending a play when it wasn't there. Obviously, Johnny at A&M. You look at what Trevone Boykin does at TCU in a very similar system, moving around making plays. People have had success. Graham Harrell was a pocket guy, Brandon Weeden.

"I think the trend now is going to more guys that can extend the play. But if you're a smart guy and you can get it on time, get through your reads quickly, you have a chance to have success in that system."

Another question pertained to the fluidity at the quarterback situation and whether Kingsbury would consider putting in the backup after struggling.

"That's a great question. It will be a feel situation. If we name a starter, we're going to ride with that guy knowing that we have a great insurance policy behind him, but I wouldn't expect a quick hook on whoever we name the starter."

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