Big 12 Media Days: Jared Kaster

Texas Tech center Jared Kaster dished on the offensive line, the quarterback competition which Red Raider defensive lineman gives him the most trouble and more on Monday at Big 12 Media Days in Dallas.

Jared Kaster has started every game at center for two years running for the Red Raiders, and without using his redshirt is already entering his senior year for Texas Tech.

The seasoned veteran spoke at the Big 12 Media Days in Dallas, Texas on Monday and was able to interview him during the breakout sessions.

A question was posed to him about the new full cost of attendance stipend that the NCAA will be introducing this season, and Kaster joked about where the new money would go for him.

"I'll probably be using that for food, most likely. *laughs* I haven't really looked into it that much. It's great - I'm glad it's happening. It's gonna help out guys who are in a bad situation, but I haven't really looked into it that much."

Davis Webb and Patrick Mahomes are two very different types of quarterbacks, as Webb prefers to stand in the pocket and get the ball out quickly while Mahomes will scramble and try to extend the play. Kaster spoke about how he has to adjust as a center when different guys are taking snaps.

"I mean, you gotta keep your eyes in the back of your head just a little bit more (with Mahomes). But they're both great quarterbacks no matter who they are, (Mahomes) can run faster than Davis could. Davis would probably say otherwise though, because they're both competing. But you can't really say one of them is better or not."

As the center, Kaster usually has to take on the biggest and meanest of the defense every snap in the heavy nose guards that line up as the "0-technque". He was asked who of the current defensive linemen on the roster is the one he hates to block the most.

"It would have to be Rika. Rika's just a big, solid dude man. I don't know how much he weighs, about 320 maybe? Benchs over almost 500 pounds. He's heavy to move and he's a big guy, but he'll make me better because there's not a lot of people that are that big in the Big 12."

Kaster debuted back in 2012 for the Red Raiders, seeing significant playing time while spelling senior Deveric Gallington after Tony Morales was unable to play due to injury. He is happy that he was able to play as a true freshman and able to get valuable experience early.

"It was crazy, it was a heck of an experience, that's for sure. I'm kind of glad it happened because it helped me out in later years. But it was fun. I was a young cat, just going in there and just playing. It was great. I'm glad I came in early like I did. It really helped me out. I would tell everybody right now, if you're getting recruited, just graduate early and go to college. You can get in there a semester early and learn the system and learn everything."

There's been more emphasis on hitting the weight room this offseason for the Texas Tech players, and one offensive lineman that has benefited from spending time in there is left guard Alfredo Morales.

"I think Alfredo Morales. He is, I know a bunch of people saw the video he put up of him bench-pressing over 400 pounds. That's not even his max. I've seen the dude throw up almost 500 pounds or whatever on bench. He is probably the hardest worker on our football team. Weight room, film study, school, I mean, he's already graduated. He's getting his master's right now, he's in grad school. He's a kid you want on your team. He's gone through the roof in the weight room. He's a guy that you want on our offensive line."

Texas Tech looked a little thin at offensive line this past spring, so the team will likely rely on one or more of the true freshmen coming into the program this season. Kaster was asked about the newcomers and what he sees out of them so far.

"They all have (impressed me). This whole group that has come in, the freshman group, they've done a tremendous job. They're eager, they're willing to learn the system, they're willing to compete for a job. I can't really pick one out, but they've all done a great job of wanting to know what's going on. Wanting to learn from us older guys, what experience we can hand down to them."

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