RP Rapid Fire: Kickoff Times

The RaiderPower.com staff discusses Big 12 Media Days, favorite kickoff times, defensive line recruiting, free food.

What was your main takeaway from Big 12 Media Days last week, Tech or otherwise?

Alyssa: The position changes at receiver, specifically Quan Shorts.

Jarret: Kingsbury QB quote, WR Position change, holding the whole team accountable for individual mistakes 

Joe: Shorts at inside receiver surprises me a bit. Expected to see him on the outside challenging Cantrell and Davis.

Zach: There is a complete lack of expectations for Texas Tech around the league and in the media. I think that's a good thing for Coach Kingsbury since this team is too talented to be taken lightly.

Texas Tech picked up two more DL commits last week in Nick McCann and Austin Deshay to give it 6 total (3 DT, 3 DE). How many more DL should Tech take?

Alyssa: 1-2 tops. 

Jarret: 2 DTs, but I wouldn't criticize if they added another DE 

Joe: Two or three.

Zach: At least two high school guys, one at WDE and one at three-tech.

What is the No. 1 thing Tech must do in order to rebound and say win 8 games next season (double it's win total from 2014)?

Alyssa: Win turnover battle, run the ball, win the non conference games. 

Jarret: Clean up the circus: turnovers, bizarre penalties, weird PR

Joe: Stay healthy on the defensive side of the ball and develop some quality depth there.

Zach: Improve the turnover margin.

Kickoff times were recently revealed for Tech's first two games: 2:30 (CT) in the opener against Sam Houston State and 2 p.m. against UTEP. Would you rather Tech play:

A. In the morning

B. The 2ish slot

C. 6 or later

D. I don't care when they play

Alyssa: C. I much rather night games, because you can tailgate and watch all the other games during the day and then watching your team under the lights is just icing on the cake. 

Jarret: A, I hate waiting all day.

Joe: In September I definitely prefer night games. Come October any time slot other than in the morning is fine.

Zach: I'm a big fan of night games but also dig 11am games on occasion simply because of the change in tailgate fare.

The season is getting closer and that means a lot of free food for us reporters. What's the best free food you ever had?

Alyssa: When I worked at Perry's Steakhouse in high school I got free food a lot. You really can't beat that. 

Jarret: Free beer after a long day covering a major sporting event is one of the sweetest things in life.

Joe: Biscuits n' gravy!

Zach:  was fortunate enough to attend the recruiting dinner at the Hilton Anatole back in February for free. They had some great food - the squash soup was scary-looking at first, but tasted amazing.

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