RP Rapid Fire: Top Interviews, Big Booms

The RaiderPower.com staff discusses the top interviews from media day, the quarterback competition, Texas Tech hosting several top prospects and making summer memories.

From all the RP interviews published from local media day last week what stood out to you and why?

Alyssa: The quarterbacks. It's interesting to see where both of them are coming from. Also, liked Rika Levi interview.

Jarret: I really enjoyed my interviews with EMO and Haverty, but Joe and I teaming up to interview Mahomes, Webb and Justin Stockton was fun, too.

Joe: Davis Webb is certainly an interesting cat. In lots of ways he already sounds like a coach, even though he's only in his early 20s. Webb is certainly intelligent. There's a lot going on inside his head. But could some of his problems last season have stemmed from overthinking things?

Zach: Mike Smith and teaching technique over scheme, aggressiveness instead of analysis. "There's your man. Whoop his ass." I love the candor. 

There has been some chatter the QB competition may be closer than some think. Who do you think starts Sept. 5 and do you believe the chatter?

Alyssa: I think Davis Webb can talk and get excited but I think Mahomes still gets it. I do think it's very very close though cause Kingsbury sees something in Webb. 

Jarret: Mahomes is the guy. It's obvious to everyone around the program. Everybody is saying the right thing, but I don't think the competition is that close and I would be shocked if Mahomes doesn't start Sept. 5.

Joe: I'm still on the Mahomes bus. He strung four performances together that were comparable to what Webb did in the Holiday Bowl. If the emphasis is on ball security and consistency, then I really think it has to be Mahomes.

Zach: Mahomes, but it wouldn't surprise me if Webb is not going quietly into that good night.

Now that the report day roster is out which true freshman do you believe will make the biggest impact? WHY?

Alyssa: Quan Shorts, this is what I've been saying all along so we will see.

Jarret: Keke Coutee from the skill position guys, Madison Akamnonu on the OL and the Hitman on defense and probably special teams.

Joe: Aside from the obvious Breiden Fehoko, I'm going with Quan Shorts and D'Vonta Hinton. I've been touting Shorts since he signed with Tech. Everything about his films screams "big-time," and the fact that he's 6-foot-2 200 and playing a position of need virtually guarantees he'll see the field early and often. With Hinton, it's mainly just a hunch. But then again, 220 pounds stacked on a 5-foot-9 frame is stout. Also, Tech desperately needs help at LB, so if Hinton can pick up the scheme reasonably quickly, I think he'll likely crack the two-deep.

Zach: Tony Brown. He's fast, polished, his training/nutrition regimen has helped ensure he's in great shape and can handle the uptempo offense. I think he seizes the #2 spot behind Lauderdale and helps wear out those corners. Doesn't hurt that his position coach is a good friend of La Mirada's HC.

Tech hosted a pretty impressive group of recruits over the weekend and then Notre Dame transfer Kolin Hill is expected in today. Which guys do you expect to end up signing with Tech?

Alyssa:  think Kolin Hill signs on his visit. He isn't considering anywhere else. Wallace and Henderson end up at Tech as well.

Jarret: Henderson, Wallace, Anderson and Hill.

Joe: Joe Wallace, Clarence Henderson and Kolin Hill.

Zach: I think Hill, Anderson, Wallace, Henderson and Siggers ultimately end up Red Raiders. 

Summer is drawing to a close for us. Did you make any memories? What will you remember about this summer if anything at all?

Alyssa: Well I went to Spain, that takes this cake or this summer. Still had a great time with fam and friends in Houston. 

Jarret: This may sound boring, but I had an opportunity to take a step back and really spend some quality time with my wife and son. It was fantastic, I wouldn't trade it for anything and now I am ready for some FOOTBALL!

Joe: I'll dam' sure remember the humidity. And the fact that I got hooked on BRMs from Bahama Buck's. I suspect the two are somehow related.

Zach: I made tons of great memories. Personally: dropping 30 pounds since last summer; celebrating my 23rd birthday with friends; catching kingfish and red snapper in the Gulf. Professionally: being told I was taking over management of two processes at my day job; covering recruits' commitments that I had talked to when they were first offered; covering heavyweight titlist Deontay Wilder's win by KO in Birmingham live for FirstAndMonday. 

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