Rapid Fire: 3 Reasons for Optimism about Texas Tech's 2015 Season

The staff begins every work week with a roundtable discussion of Texas Tech athletics and favorite things.

What are your 3 biggest reasons for optimism this season?

Alyssa: David Gibbs, more depth on defense, and experience at QB.

Jarret: 1. The team appears hungry, has an edge. 2. Mahomes could be a difference maker at the all important quarterback position. 3. More experience on the defensive line and in the secondary.

Joe: Mahomes, Washington, offensive line

Zach: 1.) Seniors, seniors everywhere! 2.) Talented depth 3.) Big 12 athleticism at every position

Texas Tech hoops went 4-0 on its Canadian tour. What was your main takeaway from their performance?

Alyssa: I didn’t watch any of the games, but I know they were looking for some team cohesion. Hopefully they found some of that. 

Jarret: This could be a huge confidence booster and valuable experience both on and off the court for the fellas.

Joe: The fact that a young team won all four games far away from home was impressive.

Zach: The team is capable of taking care of business on the road in unfamiliar territory. That experience will be important when they kick off the Puerto Rico tournament after a trio of snoozers in November.

Who do you think will open the season as the starters at right guard and right tackle this season?

Alyssa: Baylen Brown at right guard and Justin Murphy at right tackle.

Jarret: I think it's going to be Brown and Murphy, but after talking to Coach Hays last week, I wouldn't be surprised if Murphy slid down to guard.

Joe: Baylen Brown and Justin Murphy

Zach: RG - Gonna take a wild guess and say Madison Akamnonu. RT: Justin Murphy.

Excluding QBs, rank the top 5 top current Tech players on the roster.

Alyssa: Le’ Raven Clark, DeAndre Washington, Pete Robertson, Jakeem Grant, Branden Jackson

Jarret: Le'Raven, Pete, Dre, Kaster and Jackson

Joe: Le'Raven Clark, DeAndre Washington, Pete Robertson

Zach: 1.) Le'Raven Clark 2.) Pete Robertson 3.) DeAndre Washington 4.) Devin Lauderdale 5.) Branden Jackson

What is the best live event you have ever attended?

Alyssa: I always went to Buzzfest in Houston, which is a rock/alternative music festival every spring. I’m going to ACL this year though, which I’m sure will blow it out of the water.

Jarret: I covered the Sweet 16 a couple years ago at Jerry World. The teams were Kansas, Michigan, Florida and Florida Gulf Coast. Great games, free courtside seats, food and beer, plus an awesome atmosphere.

Joe: Tech 39 Texas 33--like that's not thoroughly predictable.

Zach: Excluding football games, Deontay Wilder's TKO of Eric Molina to retain the heavyweight title belt. The energy in Bartow Arena was incredible.

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