Damarcus Fields Opens Season with a Bang

RaiderPower.com caught up with Taylor (Tex.) athlete and Texas Tech commit Damarcus Fields for the scoop on his terrific performance in the season opener last week.

If you could nail down one thing that has changed Taylor (Tex.) High School athlete Damarcus Fields’ game, it would be focus. 

The Texas Tech commit turned in a remarkable performance in the season opener against Robinson which included an interception in the end zone, two forced fumbles, three pass up breaks and a 91-yard kick return for a touchdown. 

“I watch film so much I already knew what was coming at me,” Fields said. “So when they were doing things across I just lit them up. The kick off return, if you keep kicking it to me, I’m going to return one of them. It’s bound to happen.”

Fields added that studying film is a big part of his game, and is something he spends about two hours a day doing. He said learning the different types of offenses and defense coverage to stop them is a difference maker in his game. 

The other big factor in Fields’ success is focusing on one position. Being the diverse athlete Fields is, he can play running back, wide receiver, cornerback and safety. He contributes on offense when the team needs an extra push, but has been focus on the safety position this season. 

“It [sticking with safety] has helped my game out a lot. Now I study it from head-to-toe, different coverage and different techniques,” Fields said. 

Scout recently interviewed Taylor’s head coach Rusty Purser, who agreed that putting Fields at one position is what will help him shine this season. 

“We've moved him around a lot, so we've probably hurt him some because we've tried to play him at different spots. So if we can find him a home this year that'll sure help him out.” Purser said. 

Although, Fields who stands a 6-foot and 179 pounds is the ideal size for a cornerback, which is the position Texas Tech is recruiting him for. He said this is the position he like the most, and is excited to play corner in the Red Raider’s defense. 

“That’s exactly why I am going there [Texas Tech],” Fields said. “I love it. I love all the coverage and they have the nice little shuffle technique and that technique is my best one.”

Speaking of the Red Raiders, Fields has been building up a unique bond with Texas Tech defensive backs coach Kevin Curtis. He said the majority of their conversations are not about football, but just life in general. 

“Coach Curtis is my man…we talk about how our lives are going and how we can improve ourselves each day, not even on a football basis but more on becoming me a man,” Fields said. 

Not only is Fields talking to the coaches every day, but to the other Texas Tech recruits as well. The 25 2016 commits have built a group message where they share their stats, pump each other up before games, and coordinate visits. 

A visit to Texas Tech is in the works for Fields, but will most likely happen after the season is over. As for other programs going after Fields, they are getting the hand as he reassures them he is committed to the Red Raiders. 

Stay tuned to RaiderPower.com, for updates on Fields’ performance throughout the season in our weekly commit roundup.


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