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Texas Tech Media Luncheon Premium Notes

Notes and quotes from Texas Tech's press conference Monday. Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, defensive coordinator David Gibbs, offensive coordinator Eric Morris, senior defensive end Branden Jackson and senior center Jared Kaster.

Player Updates

  • Pete Robertson- Kingsbury said he is day to day and “it will remain that way.”
  • Micah Awe- Kingsbury said he is day to day with a shoulder injury “of some sort” and when asked right or left he said “one of those.”
  • Josh Outlaw- Kingsbury simply said he is no longer on the team. 
  • Dylan Cantrell- Kingsbury said he is also day to day. 
  • Reginald Davis- Kingsbury said he will play the full game on Saturday.

No excuses for Saturday’s defense

  • Defensive coordinator David Gibbs opened up by saying: “We’re still in the process of figuring it out, but I’ve done this a long time and I’m not going to panic, we’re not going to panic. [I’m an] old school coach, go back to the basics…” 
  • He also said this: “I’m not going to defend anybody, nobody played a good game. Nobody is getting player of the week.” 
  • He pointed out two positives- getting a lot of guys in the rotation and winning the turnover battle
  • Gibbs said he was calling the plays and guys just “were not getting it done,” he made no adjustments at half time and said their communication with each other is what helped in the second half. 
  • Kingsbury on the defense: They have to eliminate mental mistakes and work on tackling guys in space. 

Morris assessment of the offense:

  • Eric Morris commented on how explosive the offense, and said that’s the most explosive they have been since Morris has been here, but they were so close to being “ultra ultra explosive.”
  • If they didn’t have those eight drops for 173 yards, and penalties that cost them 92 yards Mahomes stats would have been even higher (where they expect them to be). 
  • Morris said the offense is at “A much better starting point than where we were last year at this point.”
  • The freshman that stood out the most was Jonathan Giles and that he “is probably the best freshman we have.” He went on to say that he is really pushing Sadler for time and Morris said he is going to have to find a way to get him in there more. 
  • Morris also praised Ja’Deion High’s performance and basically said he took full advantage of his opportunity and did really well. 

Kaster on the offensive line

  • Our effort was good, probably not where we want to be o-line wise, we got to work on penalties…They are stupid penalties that you just can’t have and push us back. It’s the only thing that’s holding us back are penalties.” 
  • Tony Morales got his first start on Saturday and Kaster said he was happy for him and said it is guys like him that you play for. 
  • On Justin Brown “I see a little bit of myself in him…He’s a hunter and that’s what you need in an offensive lineman”

Branden Jackson

  • Basically said Pete Robertson is an effective player even when he is on the sidelines and said he was helping pump guys up and fix their mistakes on Saturday. 
  • Jackson said the missed tackles were guys trying to do to much, and the jitters of the first game. “We try to tell them pick up your head and see what you hit.”

Everyone talkin’ bout the killer instinct 

  • Kingsbury mentioned it after the game Saturday, that this team lacks a killer instinct and they need that to finish games. 
  • Morris: “I think that has to be handled by the players. We sit here and talk about it… but it comes from some of those leaders getting in a huddle together and saying ‘come on, let’s bury these guys right now.”    
  • Kaster: “Us leaders you know will bring it [killer instinct] out every day in practice and what you do in practice will transition to Saturday and we will bring it…It’s something as a team and us leaders will have to work on.” 

In case you were wondering about cost of student attendance…

  • It was a topic today, as the players have received one of their first checks. 
  • Both Kaster and Jackson said they were thankful to the NCAA and the athletic department for it and said they know it helps guys on the team that really needed it.
  • According to Kingsbury and the players they team has been through presentations on how they should be managing and spending it. 

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