Khari Dickinson Enjoyed Texas Tech Visit interviewed North Forney athlete Khari Dickinson about his visit to Texas Tech last weekend for the Red Raiders' season opener.

North Forney High School Class of 2017 athlete Khari Dickinson made the trip with fellow junior Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex prospects Jack Anderson and Eno Benjamin to Lubbock (Tex.) last weekend for the Sam Houston State game. While it was not his first college visit, it was certainly his best so far.

"Out of the visits that I've had, I can say that was the best one. I mean, the campus is big, it's really nice, lots of family things to do around the campus... it's just really nice. The hospitality that was shown to me and my dad was just really nice."

While the 5-foot-8, 150-pound running back/cornerback doesn't yet hold an offer from the Texas Tech coaching staff, the talented speedster continues to receive attention from the Red Raiders, including associate head coach Mike Jinks.

"He greeted my dad when we first walked in. We talked with other staff there, [coach Jinks] was just telling me that Texas Tech would be a good school to go to. They just showed us around the campus and everything. The weight facility, the practice field, where they had their meetings, things of that sort... it was just really nice. Everybody that greeted us was just friendly. The atmosphere, it's a really nice campus."

The coaching staff didn't go into football recruiting or any of those topics while the visitors were in town, however the recruits were personally shown around campus and Dickinson got to spend quality time with the coaches.

"There were other recruits there, so they just basically got with us guys and took us around the facilities there. We had food to eat and things like that. They didn't sit down and talk to us about recruiting."

Dickinson had fun watching the game - and watching a great performance out of fellow former Mesquite Horn prospect Jakeem Grant.

"The results of the game were what I was expecting. Jakeem did a good job, he's out of the Metroplex, he went to [Mesquite] Horn also, he did really good. The game itself, it was a really good game, I enjoyed it. The stadium is really, really nice. It was my first time being there in Lubbock and everything, I loved it."

The North Forney junior enjoyed the city of Lubbock, mentioning that the fanbase was just as friendly as a small school but with the environment of a big school.

"It was kind of a comparison to Stephen F. Austin but just bigger. The fans that Tech has, just from talking to the people there, Tech has a huge fanbase. I was told that people would come from San Angelo, Odessa, from all over the state. I just loved [Lubbock]."

Dickinson's father is involved in his recruitment, and after a great visit to Lubbock, both father and son agree that Texas Tech would be a good destination for college.

"After leaving and sitting down and having a bite to eat, he just discussed things as far as furthering my education. The drive wasn't bad for him to come down and visit. He knows it's gonna be my decision, but he did think that Tech would be a good site. Right now, we think we know what direction I'll be going."

With Texas Tech at or near the top of Dickinson's list, the prospect - who ran a 4.4-second 40-yard dash twice in a row for the coaches at Texas Tech's Euless Trinity camp back in June - will certainly be one to watch for Red Raider fans.

Dickinson currently holds no offers, but reports interest from North Texas, SMU, TCU, and Texas Tech.

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