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Texas Tech Monday Presser Premium Notes

Notes and quotes from Texas Tech's press conference Monday at the Football Training Facility. Red Raider head coach Kliff Kingsbury, defensive coordinator David Gibbs, offensive coordinator Eric Morris, senior running back DeAndre Washington and senior linebacker Micah Awe answered questions from gathered media.

Expectations for Arkansas 

  • Kliff Kingsbury on his expectations: “It’s a great rushing team still. They have a great running back, one of the best players in the country; their offensive line is one of the most physical in the country. I expect to see a heavy does of that and I think they’ll be just as good as they were last year.”
  • Not only are they bringing big talent on the ground game, but Kingsbury is not overlooking their pass game. “Their quarterback is one of the most underrated guys in the country, I think. If he played in a system like ours he’d have gaudy numbers. They just ask him to do different things.
  • David Gibbs on Arkansas: “I see a NFL offensive line, and NFL RB, a fifth-year senior QB and they don't turn the ball over... I watched their game from Saturday and I don't know how they lost that game. We're going to go up there and fight and see what happens.”
  • There is no doubt there is a big chip on this team’s shoulder going to Fayetteville after the “beating” (Kingsbury) and the way Arkansas “handled them” (Washington) last year in Lubbock. 

Gibbs Still Not Satisfied

  • When asked if he was a little happier this past Saturday Gibbs didn’t hesitate and said “No I am not.”
  • Gibbs went on to say if he watched Tech’s defense on tape he would run the ball every time. He did give his guys credit for the effort that they did put out there against UTEP, but said it’s not enough to compete with Arkansas.  
  • Micah Awe said that the defense “improved a little” but still made “a lot of mistakes” he added that they are beating themselves and they can improve that by watching the film. 

Confidence Building

  • Eric Morris said his favorite play of the game was when Deandre Washington scored and all the guys rushed to pick him up and celebrated it. “The guys are playing together and it shows.”
  • Morris continued to say he hasn’t seen this team play together like this since he has been here. There’s a lot more picking guys up when there are dropped balls, or get penalties. 
  • Kingsbury on the offense’s success bringing up the defense: “…That’s what you want, each side including special teams feeding off each other. I think we are getting better at that.”

Other Stuff

  • Is this offense scoring to fast and not letting the defense rest? Kingsbury said no. That is the way the game goes in the Big 12. 
  • Eric Morris mentioned freshman receivers Keke Coutee and Tony Brown that we have seen a glimpse of what those guys can do. Jonathan Giles is the freshman that stands out the most right now and the one that looks the most ready during the game and mentioned his two “TD blocks.” 
  • Injury Update: Both Nigel Bethel and Dylan Cantrell are day-to-day. Cantrell has been participating in practice and is a game time decision.

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