Texas Tech Monday Presser Premium Notes

Notes and quotes from Texas Tech's press conference Monday at the Football Training Facility. Red Raider head coach Kliff Kingsbury, defensive coordinator David Gibbs, offensive coordinator Eric Morris, junior defensive back Justis Nelson and senior center Jared Kaster answered questions from gathered media.

Kingsbury Moving On

When asked about the comments about Bielema after the Arkansas game Kingsbury confirmed there was a handshake, said he didn’t tell the team about the comments Bielema had made and he didn’t want to talk about it.

“I’ve moved on. What was said was said and I’m getting ready for TCU,” Kingsbury. 

Kingsbury on TCU: Everything [is concerning]. Their offense is as dynamic as I’ve seen…It is very very troublesome on offense and defense I’ve always thought they have some of the top defensive mind in the country, they’ve had some injuries but when you watch them on film, he’s got guys always in the right spot and coached to do what they are supposed to do.”

Defense’s Improvement 

Texas Tech held Arkansas to 3 points in the second half. Gibbs on the defensive effort: “They played hard the whole game…We can twist statistics anyway we want to but they played hard against a good team who was fighting for their life. They never got discouraged even though they were beating us up pretty good…I was proud of them.”

Texas Tech defense has only allowed three points in the third quarter all season. 

What adjustments are happening at half time?

Gibbs said luck. He added there are no adjustments and that they play the same defense in the second half as we do in the first. Adjustments are made throughout the game on the sideline so “halftime adjustments” are already made. 

Johnson Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week 

Jah’Shawn Johnson was named Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week. 

Gibbs on his performance: “Awesome…He played hard. He is a good young player that will continue to develop and get better. He’s all over the place but he happened to be in the right places the other night.”

Justis Nelson on Johnson: “He gives us energy. He is a ball hawk flying around there giving 100 percent full speed every play…It gives us energy to keep the tempo going.”

Pat’s Demeanor 

Probably the highlight from the press conference was offensive lineman Jared Kaster talking about how Pat is during the game, he said “He’s the same. He doesn’t change even if he throws a pick or seven touchdowns… That’s what you want. It fires us up.”

He went on to say that demeanor is just who he is and talked about how the block from Mahomes wasn’t ideal but it fired everyone up. 

“You play for guys like that. When you see that on the film that is what this game is about. The preparation and demeanor he has is through the roof.” 

TCU Coming to Town

  • This team doesn’t need to be reminded and each person sees something that is different than this team now as compared to where they were before TCU last year.
  • Kingsbury said the team is more mature and has more fight in them. 
  • Gibbs said he isn’t worried about last year because he has enough on his plate already.
  • Morris said he’s done talking about last year but this team is more motivated and their preparation during the week (guys energy in practice) is the difference. 
  • Kaster said this team just has a different mindset now as compared to last year.

Other Stuff

  • Kingsbury said Dylan Cantrell is still day-to-day and what seemed like a one game things has turned into something longer. 
  • A redshirt for Cantrell and Bethel is possible if they don’t progress but they are working through it and Kingsbury said they do not have a cutoff date yet. 

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