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Thoughts, Facts and Quotes from the Game breaks down TCU's 55-52 defeat of Texas Tech on Saturday at Jones AT&T Stadium.

  • First off props to TCU for coming into Lubbock in front of what was an amazing atmosphere today at the Jones and getting the win against what is apparently a very good, yet still very flawed Texas Tech squad.
  • Kingsbury on the crowd tonight: "But the crowd was fantastic. Best crowd I've seen in along, long time around here."
  • Texas Tech didn't throw an interception or lose a fumble and neither did TCU
  • The Red Raiders did, however, make far too many mistakes to upset the No. 3 team in the nation. I know of at least six drops off the top of my head (Jakeem-3, Lauderdale-2, Dre-1), obviously the snap into the end zone for the safety proved to be costly as well
  • Tech was only flagged three times for 32 yards
  • I have no problem with Kingsbury's play calling on Tech's final full possession. Give TCU credit for stopping them. I have a very big problem with the three and out in the second quarter where Dre didn't get a single touch. Kingsbury started feeding him the ball shortly after.
  • Tech scored one every one of its second half possessions (3 TDs and a field goal) until the three and out with 3:02 to play
  • I'm not big on moral victories, but Tech is so much better of a team this season than I thought they'd be.
  • Though Doctson had his way with the Red Raider secondary I thought overall the defense actually played a pretty good game. Before you throw stats at me remember Tech stopped one of the top offenses in the nation SIX times Saturday without getting a turnover.
  • Gibbs told me back in the spring he would consider the season a success if he was able to give the ball back to the offense late in the fourth with a chance to win the game. The defense did that... almost twice.
  • I initially thought Aaron Green did not get a foot down on the miraculous catch off the tip at the end. The replay showed he did. I actually ran into a buddy, Jared Christopher with the FWST, in the press box after the game who is a professional videographer and he was literally feet away from Green on the play. He too, thought it was incomplete when it happened and said Patterson didn't think he caught it at first, either. His video clearly shows Green tapped his foot in the end zone.
  • Yes, some of Green's catch was most definitely luck, but it was also an amazing play.
  • DeAndre Washington rushed for a career-high in yards (188) and TDs (4) tonight on 22 carries. Tech rushed for 215 yards and 5 TDs and that's with a -21 on the errant snap.
  • Washington, who has rushed for 2,394 in his career at Tech, moved into 8th place all-time in Texas Tech career rushing leaders passing Shannon Woods (2,249 yards) and Donny Anderson (2,280 yards)
  • This No. 3 TCU squad did not remind me of some of the ridiculously talented Top 5 teams such as OU and UT to come into the Jones in years past. Some of that may simply be due to injuries, but the offense is definitely Top 5, especially when you consider speedster Kolby Listenbee didn't play.
  • Despite the loss Mahomes' legend continues to grow. I spoke with several member of the media from outside Lubbock following the game and the all said, unprompted, they thought Mahomes was as good as Boykin, especially before the injury and were disappointed they didn't get to see him at full strength the whole game.
  • I asked Kingsbury, who said he doesn't the extent of Mahomes' injury yet, after the game how much he felt the injury hampered Mahomes' game and he said this: "Yeah, he wasn't his normal self. I think you could see that. But he hung in there, had a gutsy performance, and hopefully he can get back to 100 percent where he can do all those things that he's really good at doing."
  • It was a really gutsy performance from Mahomes and honestly IF he would have been able to run out the clock late in the fourth I would have considered it his best performance to date despite what the stats say. 
  • Dre called Mahomes a soldier for sticking it out despite the injury
  • Mighty Joe asked Kingsbury how Tech can bounce back psychologically from such a tough loss and Kingsbury remarked:"No, I mean, you get 12 opportunities a year guaranteed, so you'd better get ready for each one, and that team we're playing next week, I mean, as good as anybody in the country. They'll get back up and try and get better. Like I said, I thought effort was great. Can't fault their effort. We just didn't execute the way we have been the previous weeks, and got to give a lot of credit to TCU because they were a cause of a lot of that."
  • Micah Awe finished with a career-high 13 tackles today.
  • I'm a big Micah Awe fan, I have been for years. He knows that, many of you know that. Maybe I have too high of expectations for him, but I thoughT he overran way too many plays and despite the nice tackle total, did not play one of his better games. 
  • I did, however, like his postgame soundbite: "Tonight, it's not a funeral. It's life. Honestly, this is life. You've got to bounce back from it. The old clichés, we all hear it, but the truth is we've just got to bounce back. The sun is come to come up tomorrow. We've got to go play Baylor."
  • Injuries started to mount up Saturday night to some key players: Mahomes, Sadler, Madison... I wouldn't expect some big revelation Monday on their status.. it'll be day-to-day.
  • Finally, I have to say I am shocked by the improvement shown by this squad so far this year. They are more disciplined, they have some legitimate talent at important areas and the coaching is sooo much better. This is going to be a fun season if they can stay relatively healthy. If they can bring some more Jimmy's and Joe's in on defense (and there were over 20 recruits in town tonight... we'll have plenty of coverage on that over the next several days) this program could become pretty formidable

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