Houston Miller's Whole Family Enjoyed Texas Tech Visit

RaiderPower.com caught up with Keller defensive end and Texas Tech commit Houston Miller, who visited the South Plains last weekend with his family for the Red Raiders' Big 12 opener.

Houston Miller attended the past two Texas Tech home games, but admitted ths last one had a different feel. 

The second largest crowd in stadium history packed "The Jones" on Saturday, which made for what Miller described as an “insane” atmosphere and he loved it all.

“Walking down before the game and seeing how many people were there, all the interactions, everyone was having fun,” Miller said. “During the game everyone was just so loud, going crazy, even when it was raining no one would leave because they love it and that’s what it’s about.” 

Miller was proud of what Texas Tech put out on the field even though they fell to TCU 55-52 and thinks this is a huge step in the right direction. According to Miller the 2016 class, who had a huge representation this weekend, will take this team to the next level. 

“It shows we [Texas Tech] are going to go out there and we are going to fight. It shows we have some stuff in our arsenal so we are going to do some crazy things. It shows that whenever our class and the next class gets there were not to be messed with, we’re going to be coming in hot and going to be rolling,” he said. 

He added that it has been a great experience getting to know the rest of this recruiting class. 

Miller’s parents accompanied him on his visit, and his mom loved her first trip to the Hub City. He said that she was blown away by the amount of people that recognized her son, congratulated him on his success this season and talked about his future at Tech. 

The coaching staff also impressed Miller’s family. He said that they talked with coach Mike Smith the most, but also with coach Kingsbury and defensive coordinator David Gibbs. 


Miller got a glimpse of what Gibbs is like on game day, which made him anxious to play for him. 

“He’s a real smart guy. He is a mastermind on defense, he knows what he’s doing like no other and I’m excited to play for a guy like that in a year… He’s real passionate,” Miller said.

This will not be his last trip to Lubbock this season. Miller said he plans on seeing Tech play Baylor in Dallas, but also attending the Oklahoma State and Kansas State game. 

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