Jack Anderson Recaps Texas Tech Visit

RaiderPower.com caught up with Frisco (Tex.) offensive lineman Jack Anderson, who is rated as the top center in the nation for the 2017 recruiting class. Anderson and his dad visited the South Plains last weekend for the Red Raiders' home opener. Get the details inside.

Texas Tech’s 2016 recruiting class is nearly complete. Between that and Sept. 1st being the first official day to contact 2017 prospects, much attention has been turned towards the top targets in that class. 

Arguably the biggest target for Tech in the 2017 recruiting cycle is Frisco (Tex.) offensive lineman Jack Anderson and he was on campus Saturday for the thrilling game against TCU.

“The game was a lot of fun,” Anderson said. “There were a lot of people and it was really loud. Of all the games I’ve been at, it was by far the loudest I’ve heard it. When I went to the Sam Houston State game, a lot of the fans left at halftime because it was so hot and it wasn’t much of a game so I didn’t get to hear ‘the Jones’ rocking like that. Overall, it was just a great game. I wish (Texas Tech) could’ve pulled out the win, but I thought from start to finish it was great and the offense scored a lot so it was good.”


Not only was Anderson impressed with the play of the team and the offense, but the 6-foot-4, 285-pound blue chip center's possible future position group caught his eye.

“I thought the offensive line played really well,” Anderson stated. “I know that TCU has some good pass rushers on the edge and he got hit a few times just because of having to wait for the routes to break and play out, but I thought it was a good performance. There were plays where my dad would be like, “Wow. He had all day on that.” and I agreed with him. I know they run like 80 plays a game and like 60 of those are passes so to not give up a sack this season is just crazy.”

Although clearly disappointed with the loss for Texas Tech in the game, the experience and visit was definitely a win for the Red Raiders with Anderson.

“The game changed the thoughts and prospective of Texas Tech for not only me, but my dad,” Anderson said. “Coming into the season, my parents and others were saying that I need to wait and be careful because if Tech goes 4-8 again (like 2014), things aren’t going to be good and changes could be made.  For them to beat Arkansas at their place and then play a game against TCU they probably should’ve won with a quarterback who wasn’t performing at his full capability because of his knee says a lot about the direction of the program and what the future holds.”

Despite a game to focus on beforehand and a tough loss to deal with after, the coaching staff made sure they had time for Anderson during his visit.

“I talked to the coaches before and after the game. I let my dad talk and mingle a little bit. Coach Hays, coach Morris, coach Haverty, coach Curtis, coach (Mike) Smith, pretty much all the coaches talked to me a little bit. It’s always good to talk to them. My dad knows I’m really close with the coaches. He really likes coach Hays and thinks he would be a great fit for me as a coach. Saturday was really good for him as well because he definitely felt the love and had a good time talking to all of them.”

Not only did Anderson have a good time with his dad and the coaching staff, but he had an opportunity to hang out with some of the 2016 commits and have a few laughs.

Gio (Pancotti), Emoree (Giddens), and Jett (Duffey) were there so we talked. They are all good guys. I’m close with all of them. I know Jett was on his official visit so it was good to see him having a great time and enjoying everything. I think we all had a good time just talking. One of the funniest things of the day was when I was with them. Pat Mahomes was leaving after the game with his dad and Gio wanted to meet him so we walked over to him and he’s like “What’s up Jack?” and Gio was like 'Does everyone around here know you?' It was pretty funny."

Anderson has clearly made an impression on the coaches, players and fans of Texas Tech, but he is still leaving his top schools list at 12 until he can be certain the next cut or final choice fits all of his criteria for what he wants.


“The school I’m going to go to will be one I can see myself playing at, possibly early, with good academics that is somewhat close to home." Anderson stated emphatically. "I don’t want to go somewhere crazy far unless I really feel strongly about it, but those are really some of the biggest things I want out of my final choice.”

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