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Thoughts, Facts and Quotes from the Game breaks down Baylor's 63-35 defeat of Texas Tech on Saturday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington (Tex.).

  • Baylor was impressive today, especially up front on both sides of the ball. I was not surprised by their speed, but I was surprised the Bears' D-line handled Tech's O-Line in the run game.
  • Texas Tech was decidedly not impressive, the Red Raiders played a pretty bad game all-around. After committing just 21 penalties for 170 yards in the first four games combined (42.5 yards per game), Tech was flagged 17 times for 142 yards Saturday.
  • After turning the ball over just three times in the first four games, Tech turned it over four times Saturday
  • Kingsbury on all the mistakes this week:  "They just did a great job of getting out and putting pressure on us, and we didn't handle it well. In a game that's going like that, you got to go back and forth. You've got to try and create some turnovers, which we did not. And they did. So I don't think it had anything to do with mental strain. We just got beat by a very good team and didn't respond the way we needed to."
  • The Bears controlled the LOS on both sides of the ball. While Baylor rushed for 362 yards and 7.2 yards per carry, Texas Tech struggled to just 106 yards. Most notably Dre was held to 41 yards and 3 yards per carry.
  • Jared Kaster on Tech's inability to run the ball early in the game: "they were just playing us head up. And we knew what to expect. We didn't -- offensive line-wise, there's some things that we didn't do right. We didn't capitalize. They're a tough football beam. Give them all the credit. They're a very good football team. They're not in the top 5 for no reason. They deserve to be up there, and we just -- we didn't capitalize on stuff that we worked on during the week. Something we'll have to go back and watch film and get better at.
  • Patrick Mahomes finished with 415 yards, 3 TDs passing and 39 yards, TD rushing
  • Devin Lauderdale went down with an injury today (he's day-to-day) and at one point three TRUE freshmen receivers (Giles, Coutee and Brown) were on the field at the same time
  • Junior CB Thierry Nguema made his first career start Saturday
  • With Sadler and Lauderdale down (not to mention Cantrell) this was a tremendous opportunity for Reggie Davis to step up... He caught 1 pass Saturday for five yards and drew a pass interference penalty
  • Zach Austin was impressive in relief for Sadler with 8 catches for 110 and a TD
  • Kingsbury on Austin's performance: "It was great to see. He works very hard. You know, we rewarded him with a scholarship here in camp and well deserved. And he's a guy -- he's a gamer. He's a guy who is best when the lights are on, and couldn't be more proud of him coming out and making those plays like he did."
  • True frosh Tony Brown caught five passes for 117 yards and a TD 
  • Cameron Batson caught three passes for 71 yards and a TD
  • True frosh Jonathan Giles caught three passes for 38 yards and a TD
  • Austin, Batson, Brown and Giles had never caught a TD before Saturday
  • Tech's last two opponents, TCU and Baylor, are a combined 9-0 this season
  • Tech's next two opponents, Iowa State and Kansas, are a combined 2-6
  • Branden Jackson on the current state of the locker room:  "Everyone in the locker room is down right now, as they should be. Just feel like we didn't get it done. And the scoreboard showed that. But confidence isn't lost. We played a good team who had our number this week. And we'll forget about this game and get on to next the week. And, as a defense, that's what you've got to do. You can't really harp too much during the season on what goes wrong. A landslide can occur. We don't need that to happen."

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