Jack Anderson Talks Texas Tech Commitment

Frisco (Tex.) blue chip offensive lineman Jack Anderson discusses why he chose to pull the trigger and commit to Texas Tech and how he plans to help recruit for the Red Raiders between now and when he gets to campus. Get the details inside.

Since Kliff Kingsbury took over the Texas Tech program three years ago, the Red Raiders have continued to improve on the recruiting trail. Never has that been more evident than it was last night when Frisco (Tex.) offensive lineman Jack Anderson, the No. 30 prospect in the 2017 class, committed to Texas Tech.

Despite having 44 offers in hand, the 6-foot-4, 275-pound prospect felt Texas Tech was the only place that felt like home.

“Looking at all of my options, I couldn’t see myself playing anywhere else,” Anderson said. “Talking to the coaches, seeing who was reaching out to me the most, and everything just checked out. Especially when my dad approved everything after going on the visit with me, I felt everything was aligned and it was the right time."

“Besides my great relationships with all the coaches, everybody makes it feel like home,” Anderson said. “You start off with the hosts. When I walk in they know who I am and get big hugs from them. When I walked into the locker room before the game, I got hugs from basically the whole team. It’s all love in the locker room for my family and me. I’m all about relationships so to feel that there is huge. I think that’s what really sold my dad. It was seeing how they treat me even though I’m in high school and they’re in college and experiencing all of that first-hand.”

Anderson’s future position coach, Lee Hays, was the first to get the call and according to Anderson his reaction was priceless.

“I called coach Hays first,” Anderson stated. “I told him and he was really surprised. He wanted to make sure I was ready and that it was the right time. He talked to my mom and she said everything was right about it and gave her approval. Coach Hays said he was in line at Chipotle and he left to run home to hug his wife and kids and was dancing in the front yard. From there, he called coach Kliff. Coach Kliff didn’t answer at first so he called him back a few minutes later and talked to him. Coach Hays messaged me and told me to call coach Kliff. I called him and told him and he was really happy and excited for the future.”


While his commitment comes as no surprise to those who have followed his recruitment, Anderson pulling the trigger with Texas Tech caused some to do a double take at his decision.

“I think people and recruit’s eyes are raised a little bit by my decision, but the future is bright,” Anderson stated. “The record isn’t too bad right now, but I don’t think wins and losses are huge right now and that in the grand scheme of things, Texas Tech has a long-term plan and by the time I get there, there will be a Big 12 championship and we will do special things.”

Even with his own recruitment closing, Anderson will still be involved in recruiting, but for other potential Red Raiders.

“I have already been doing a little recruiting (for Texas Tech),” Anderson said. “Coach Morris will give me a few names of who we need and I will reach out. He wants me to start doing that and I’ll do my best to talk to guys and tell them about the special things we can do together as Red Raiders. I’ll talk to guys like (2017 Wylie East running back) Eno (Benjamin) and some others about the opportunities and being able to come in and fight for early playing time and see if they are interested in doing it with me.”

Even though he is one of the highest rated commits for the Red Raiders in recent memory, don’t expect Anderson to rest on his laurels.

“I’m happy to be rated where I am because it can help the program with recognition and recruiting, but I don’t think too much about my ranking or star-rating because I know when I get to college it’s not going to matter,” Anderson stated. “It’s not like it will be the four-stars and five-stars and everyone else; we will all be at the same level and have to work equally hard for everything so that’s not important.”

As a class of 2017 commitment, some players may lose motivation and coast through their high school careers. Anderson says he will not be one of them.

“Every time I go to Lubbock, I will see how many of those are guys are stronger than me or bigger than me and that will motivate me,” Anderson stated. “Watching Breiden (Fehoko) play and realizing I will have to go against him in practice is all the motivation I need to work harder than ever because I know he is not going to take it easy on me once I get there. I’m all gas, no breaks from here out. I don’t see myself slowing down at all because I know those guys aren’t slowing down.”

He is an alumnus of the prestigious The Opening event in Oregon after participating as one of the few juniors invited. He is already set to be an Under Armour All-American at the game in 2017. But what Anderson is looking forward to most is going to Texas Tech’s game Saturday against Iowa State with a new title: Red Raider commit.

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