Mahomes Being Mahomes

Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes seemingly makes the extraordinary play on a regular basis. His scramble behind the line of scrimmage and 37-yard touchdown pass to Jakeem Grant was just one of a handful in the Red Raiders' 66-31 win over the Cyclones last week. breaks down the footage frame-by-frame.

Patrick Mahomes is a unique player who has an uncanny ability to scramble around behind the line of scrimmage and find open receivers downfield for HUGE gains. The difference between Mahomes and many other athletic signal callers is he has the arm to get the ball there in a hurry and the accuracy to be precise when he bombs away.

Some might call it luck, but if that is the case, Mahomes gets lucky a lot.

Mahomes' scramble and 37-yard touchdown pass to Jakeem Grant is a perfect example of the remarkable plays which he produces seemingly every week, in fact you could argue this isn't even his top or even his second best play of the game.

First off notice right after the snap how clean of a pocket he has to survey his options and make his reads.

When the defensive end beats Baylen Brown on the edge, Mahomes feels the pressure and sets him up with a jab step inside. Mahomes then squares up with the line of scrimmage as if he is running right. For a split second the defensive end thinks he has him.

Mahomes then pirouettes back right runs out of an ankle tackle and immediately sets his eyes downfield. Let's watch that again. Wow.

So Mahomes then loads up at about the Tech 45 and I thought he was going to fire it downfield as Jakeem was open.

Mahomes instead shows a little caution by pump faking to see how the defense will react and let a couple clear before sliding up and firing the ball on a rope 50 yards downfield to Grant at the goal line for the score.

Let's just sit back and admire the play once more.

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