Breiden Fehoko vs. Iowa State

Clips, analysis of Texas Tech freshman defensive tackle Breiden Fehoko in action against Iowa State.

Per request I put together a little highlight package of freshman defensive tackle Breiden Fehoko's performance against Iowa State in Tech’s 66-31 win last week.

Defensive tackles aren’t the easiest to track during the game so I will be breaking down some of his best efforts. That being said, having studied every one of his snaps from last week there were times where he looked like an overmatched true freshman and others when he looked like a future All-Big 12 performer and dominant force.

Before we get into the Iowa State clips I want to show Fehoko’s most visible play of the season to date, this big TFL against UTEP. This is all about timing, quickness and athleticism.

For all the talk about Fehoko’s considerable strength, I’ve been most impressed with how quickly he fires off the ball, especially when given enough rest.

Let's get started.

Fehoko forced a turnover here on ISU’s first play from scrimmage by stunting outside, beating a double team and applying pressure on quarterback Sam Richardson. Watch how Richardson takes one look at Fehoko, says “Nope” and just gets rid of the ball as quickly as possible. Great play.

Here Fehoko splits a double team, reads where the play is going by how he’s being blocked, breaks down in the hole and makes the tackle on the running back for a minimal gain.

Once again Fehoko takes on and splits a double team, does a good job of getting off the blocks and gets in on the tackle.

Fehoko actually gets blocked a little bit here, 1-on-1, but does a good job of hustling down the line to help clean up the play.

Here we see the whole package from Fehoko. Both he and Rika get off the ball and stymie the interior of Iowa State’s offensive line. Fehoko then uses his strength to drive the offensive lineman in the backfield allowing Tech linebackers and safeties to stop the Cyclone runner short of the end zone.

Here you see Fehoko fire off the ball and command a double team which helps free a blitzing Tevin Madison to apply pressure and force Richardson to get rid of the ball.

This is simply another example of Fehoko getting an excellent jump which preoccupies two blockers.

Fehoko is so quick off the ball on this play he almost blows it up despite being fooled by the misdirection.

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