Critical Stretch for Texas Tech

Texas Tech begins a critical five-game stretch to end the regular season against some bitter Big 12 conference rivals. How the Red Raiders fare on this difficult stretch of the schedule will likely tell the meat of the story that is the 2015 football season. predicts how Tech will likely perform. publisher Jarret Johnson asked senior writer Joe Yeager how he thought the Red Raiders would perform over the final five games of the regular season.

Jarret: Alright, Joe. Critical five-game stretch to end the season for Texas Tech. They are 5-2 overall, 2-2 in the Big 12. 

They go to Oklahoma, then they host Oklahoma State on Halloween, then they go to West Virginia, then they host Kansas State, then they finally have a bye, then they go to Texas. How do you see, overall, how do you see Texas Tech finishing with this five-game stretch?

Joe: Okay, well, as always, this may be subject to change later on once we know more, but, as of this very moment I believe Tech loses at Oklahoma and then they win out.

Jarret: Wow!

Joe: I was hoping for a split between Texas and Oklahoma; I said that before, alright and well this is the way it has to shake out if that is going to happen, because I just don’t think Tech is going to beat Oklahoma, which means if they are going to get that split, they gotta beat Texas. So this is the year that they get that done. 

I think that Tech is better than those other three teams; Kansas State, West Virginia and Oklahoma State. West Virginia just hasn’t been very impressive lately even up there in Morgantown. They lost to Oklahoma State this last time around.

Oklahoma State is to me, kind of like the ultimate mediocre team, you know, they are good enough, but not great, kind of average. You know, it’s in Lubbock, I think this is the year Tech gets the monkey off the back on that one.

K-State. This is probably one of the more beatable Bill Snyder teams that we have seen in a long time. So, outside of Oklahoma I think Tech has a good shot of running the table. 

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