Postgame Report: Oklahoma State 70, Texas Tech 53

Texas Tech lost 70-53 to Oklahoma State on Saturday at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock (Tex.).

Texas Tech fell to 5-4 overall and 2-4 in the Big 12 with a 70-53 loss to Oklahoma State on Saturday. The loss was especially bitter given the Red Raiders held a 17-0 lead to open the game and led by 10 at halftime. 

The Cowboys (8-0, 5-0 in the Big 12) outscored the Red Raiders 42-15 in the second half to defeat Tech for the fourth straight time in Lubbock and seventh consecutive time overall.

*'s Alyssa Chrisope and Jarret Johnson recap both the game and Texas Tech's postgame press conference in the video above.*

Kliff Kingsbury's postgame press conference transcript:

Q. You got off to the start you wanted to fast, and up by 10 at the half. Did you feel coming out at halftime that you lost your aggressiveness and maybe your enthusiasm?

COACH KINGSBURY: I don't think so. I think you've got to give them credit. They came out and played a great second half. We had opportunities in that third quarter, I thought, offensively and sputtered a little bit. Missed some things and they took advantage of it.

Q. The call to make the fake punt, how much planning went into that? Was that a last-second deal that you guys saw something and decided to go for it?

COACH KINGSBURY: Yeah, we had the call up for this week, and unfortunately we didn't protect very well on one of them and gave up a touchdown on the other. We just felt like it was time. We needed a spark, and Barden did a good job of getting it.

Q. The interception down in the red zone, the pass for the bad ball, the receiver runs?

COACH KINGSBURY: He just didn't see the corner. Didn't see the corner. They changed coverage on him, dropped out under it. He's just got to see that. The kid made a good play.

Q. I guess just the ground game looked like you guys had good moments and then other times it was harder to establish.

COACH KINGSBURY: Yeah, not as consistent as we'd like. I thought their front did a fairly decent job. DeAndre ran tough as always. But their front did a good job of taking some of that away, I thought.

Q. What did the officials say to you when they tossed Jah'Shawn after the targeting penalty was called?

COACH KINGSBURY: Yeah, I mean, it's helmet to helmet. That's what it is. That's the call. That's the emphasis. So kind of a tough break. It wasn't intentional by any means. He's a shorter wide receiver, and just ended up hitting him in his helmet.

Q. In your view is that the kind of play that as a result of a kid getting ejected from the game?

COACH KINGSBURY: It's hard, because if you start not calling that one, I can see it kind of opens up something you don't want to get into. But it looked like it was just a football play. He put his face mask on the other kid and trying to catch the screen. He wasn't defenseless in my estimation. But I under the call. If they're looking helmet to helmet, that's what it was.

Q. Jakeem's performance today on the kickoff team?

COACH KINGSBURY: He did. He played tough. He's been great for us all year and he keeps going, keeps grinding, so proud of his effort.

Q. You guys haven't been in too many positions to play with a big league or playing in an advantageous position. Is that new or a challenge or something that you sometimes see your team struggle with?

COACH KINGSBURY: I don't think it's a challenge. It's just like I said, that's a good team. They haven't lost a game. They have a lot of confidence. They've won a bunch of games over the years. They came out and did what they had to do in the second half. We had opportunities. I don't think it had anything to do with a different mindset. We just didn't get it done.

Q. When did you see the game slipping away?

COACH KINGSBURY: I never thought it was. I mean, it's 3 minutes, we score, get the two-point we're down three, and then they hit that pass and you're down ten. We get the strip sack and it's over. But until then I think everybody on the sideline expected to win.

Q. Offensively, how big do you think it was for them when they decided to make a permanent switch and just play Walsh out the rest of the game? COACH

KINGSBURY: He's a great competitor. I talked about him all week. I have a tremendous amount of respect for that young man. Sticking around, sticking it out, waiting his turn. When he's in the game they tend to play up. He made some great throws, made some great runs. Can't give him enough credit.

Q. The third quarter, I believe it was four straight possessions y'all didn't score. Was it execution, lack of execution? Something they did defensively or both?

COACH KINGSBURY: I would say both. I think that fourth drive, I believe it was, we're moving the ball we have a fourth and a foot and we fumble the snap, which you can't have happen. You've got to give them credit. They made adjustments. They came out playing harder than we did, we missed some things and didn't take advantage of those opportunities.

Q. (No microphone) the spot that you got before that fourth on the ball for Jakeem?

COACH KINGSBURY: It was close. I mean, I couldn't really see it. Talking to him upstairs, it was close.

Q. What did you think of the defensive play in the second half?

COACH KINGSBURY: We didn't do what we needed to do in the fourth quarter, but I thought in the third quarter, I thought they played hard. Kept giving us the ball back with opportunities to go up 17 multiple times and we didn't get it done offensively.

Q. Talk about your special teams today (No microphone). Obviously it's a big special teams play.

COACH KINGSBURY: Yeah, you can't have a punt blocked. Your percentage of winning the game goes down tremendously. Lost the turnover battle again. But, yeah, that definitely hurt us.

Q. James Washington being a kid close to your backyard; how much did you all try to recruit him?

COACH KINGSBURY: I remember him at camp. I don't remember all the details though. But he's a very good player for them. 

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