Ivory Jackson's 100 Percent Texas Tech

RaiderPower.com interviewed Amarillo defensive lineman and Texas Tech commit Ivory Jackson for a recap of his visit to Lubbock last weekend.

West Texas native and Texas Tech defensive lineman commit Ivory Jackson said it is always a good time when he visits Lubbock. 

Now it’s even sweeter that he gets to call the Hub City his future home. Jackson visited Texas Tech this past weekend for the Oklahoma State game, despite the results he had a good time. 

The highlight of the trip was getting to see the coaches in game day mode. Particularly defensive line coach Mike Smith, who Jackson hung out with before and after the game on Saturday. 

“I loved everything about it. I love how off the field he is the coolest guy you will ever meet and on the field he is just getting after it. There is just a whole other level of excitement between us the players and the coach,” Jackson said. 

The 6-foot-3, 275-pound lineman also “loved everything about” the intensity of The Jones on Halloween and said he can’t wait to play for the “amazing” Texas Tech fans. 

Experiencing that atmosphere with his fellow commits, like Arkansas defensive tackle Nicholas McCann, made it even better. Jackson said the 2016 recruiting class, who refers to themselves as the “Gun Gang of 2016” has already created a special bond.

“The relationship between all of us is already poppin’,” he said. “We are all goofy, all different in different ways but we all seem to click and seem to get along together really well it’s like a brother-to-brother connection all ready.”

All of them communicate regularly through a group message and are creating a high standard for themselves, according to Jackson.

“The Gun Gang is a whole different breed…With this class that is coming in, we’re so different and energized to come that everyone is already ready to go,” he said. “So it’s a different breed, different atmosphere, we are going to change the whole thing at Tech. We are going to change it so much that we will compete to get in the playoffs, I’m that confident in the class we are bringing in.” 

Jackson is trying to prove that message through his senior season. He racked up 15 tackles, five solo, two forced fumbles and one sack against Amarillo Tasacosa last week. 

Though Jackson has made it clear that he is 100 percent committed to Texas Tech, other schools are still trying to ease their way in. He is still hearing from SMU, Michigan and Kansas State but said he is solid with Texas Tech and “is not going anywhere else.” 

Jackson will watch Texas Tech from the stands one last time, against Kansas State on another unofficial visit.  He is planning to take his official with a big group of the 2016 class after the season is over. 

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