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Post Practice Kliff Notes

Note and quotes on Kliff Kingsbury's media availability following practice Tuesday as Texas Tech prepares for Kansas State.

On Today's Practice: "It's been good. Being Senior Day, it's been very spirited this week. Those seniors have taken the leadership role, which you would expect being their last game in that stadium. And they're excited. They're pushing the pace of practice. And it's been very spirited."

On Kliff's Senior Day: "It was a good one. I just remember seeing my parents' faces, the pride they had. And I've talked about that with our seniors. It's a day your friends and family won't ever forget, those that come in for it. You want to make the most of it, no doubt. We had a good game. We got after it pretty good that game and that's one that you'll never forget."

On Relaying His Personal Experiences to his Seniors: "No, not really. Just what it meant to me, my friends, my family that came in for that game. It's one that you'll talk about the rest of your life, and how much it means to those people. I think sometimes the players are too close to the fire to understand how proud their friends, family and high school coaches are in what they've accomplished."

On Brad Pearson: "Yeah, he's earned everything he's gotten, too. He came here as a walk-on, has earned his scholarship, found his role on this team and works as hard as anybody on the team. He's a great student-athlete for us, so it's awesome to see the love and pride he has for this place. He's what you want in a football player."

On Bobby Esiaba: "He's unbelievable. And you watch him on special teams, he's one of our best special teams players. Very physical. Has gotten better and better. He goes on the scout team and is just flying around. Everybody on offense gets mad because he works too hard against our offense. And he's an international economics major. It says it all about that kid. He's gonna be successful. He wants to travel the world after he's done here, and he's done a lot for this place."

On Micah Awe: "He's been another unbelievable example of a student-athlete. To be an engineering major at one of the top engineering schools in the country, and to do that with the football load and be a team captain, and to come back for his senior year and help the program out is just phenomenal. The way he carries himself. The things he does in the community, it's huge for our program."

On Dakota Allen: "He was limited today. We're gonna work him out tomorrow and see if he can move around. It'll probably come right down to it. He's another guy that we trust with a limited amount of reps, so if he can go Saturday, even in a limited role, we'll try to get him out there."

On Taylor Symmank: "Taylor will punt tomorrow, and we'll see how that goes. But we're expecting him to play this week. "

On Outside Receivers, and JaDeion High in Particular: "He's been good [uninjured], we've just been trying some different combinations. He may get thrown in the mix a little bit more, but we're just trying to find an answer there for when guys walk down in our face."

On Possibly Giving DeAndre Washington More Carries: "If we could do that we would, but when they walk seven or eight guys in the box you kind of have to throw it. We're trying to find that happy medium."

Biggest Concern with Kansas State's Offense: "They've been very competitive in most of the games they've played this year, they've just played very good teams. They're a ball-control offense. They're happy with taking three yards a pops and letting the clock run down to one second left. They try to take you out of your game. They execute at a high level. And they're not afraid to run it every snap. So with our struggles against the run, we know we're gonna get a heavy dose of that."

On the Legacy of the Seniors: "That's something we talk about around here from the beginning of the season on, how are people gonna remember you. And they've got an opportunity with a great home game against Kansas State, a team they haven't beaten in a long time around here. And then finish it off in Austin. So everything still out in front of them, to leave their mark on this program. So I think they understand that."


  • Despite the doom and gloom that is surrounding the program, Kliff didn't seem down in the dumps, deflated or depressed. He sounded pretty much like he always does.
  • From my experience, when Kliff says a player is "limited," that means he is unlikely to play in the upcoming game. Perhaps Dakota Allen will be the exception, but I personally doubt it.

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