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"Destroy" Smith Talks Texas Tech Visit interviewed Odessa Permian cornerback "Destroy" Smith on Sunday night for a recap of his visit to Texas Tech for the Kansas State game and his overall recruitment.

Desmon Smith,  6-foot-3, 195-pounds, intercepted a pass last week in Odessa Permian's 49-12 win over Arlington Bowie in their Texas UIL Class 6A Division I Region I Bi-district matchup. Smith and the Panthers (10-1) take on Amarillo Tascosa (9-2) in the area round 1 p.m. Saturday at Lowrey Field in Lubbock. 

According to Scout, the defensive back holds offers from Texas Tech, Houston, Kansas, Minnesota, Texas State, Air Force, Colorado State, Nevada, Ohio, Rice, UTSA and Toledo. 

The following interview took place on Twitter through direct messages:

RP: Hey Des, how'd the visit go?

Smith: Great, I loved it.

RP: What did you think of the game, how Tech played? Anything stand out?

Smith: The defense played great in the first half and finished well.

RP: Did you get a chance to talk with any of the coaches and players? If so who?

Smith: I talked to the whole staff pretty much but for the most part coach Curtis.

RP: Anything noteworthy about your conversation? What did Coach Curtis say?

Smith: Basically that they love how I play and they wouldn't be recruiting me if didn't. I'll have countless opportunities to play.

RP: How important is early playing time to you? What are you looking for in a school/program?

Smith: It's extremely important to me. However, I understand that early playing time is one of those things everyone throws around but if I come in and work hard and allow myself to be coachable there's no reason why I shouldn't play early. 

I want to feel comfortable, good relationships with the coaches, a great fan base and I want to feel comfortable on campus

RP: Does Texas Tech check all those boxes as far as what you are looking for?

Smith: Every one of them.

Photo By Steven Chapman

RP: So do they see you at corner, safety or what? What has the staff said about how they would see you fitting into the scheme?

Smith: They said they plan to put me wherever they need me corner and safety.

RP: I wrote on our message board I saw you at the game yesterday and when I typed Des my phone auto-corrected to "Destroy" Smith and Tech fans loved it. Now they want it to be your nickname.

So my question is do you like it or nah?

Smith: lol that's funny 

They can call me whatever they like.

RP: Lol. Alright, "Destroy" Smith it is. Thanks for your time and congrats on all your success.

Smith: Thank you. Yesterday was my birthday too.

RP: Happy birthday! Hey I forgot, how's your thumb?

Smith: It's good I get my cast off Wednesday, picked a ball off in my game with it Friday night lol.

RP: Nice. Yeah, y'all put it on Bowie. Who do you have next? I haven't looked yet.

Smith: Amarillo Tascosa in Lubbock.

RP: Wow, I may have to check that out. Either way good luck and thanks again for your time.

Smith: Thank you and yeah no problem.

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